Different Ideas for Wearing Clutch Bags to Everyday Occasions
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Different Ideas for Wearing Clutch Bags to Everyday Occasions


Women are used to wearing clutch bags when they attend some night event. These bags can easily match an outfit that is suitable for a club or a restaurant and at the same time they are easy to carry around since they are so small.

The negative side of them is that they do not hold too many things. And as all women know, it is very hard for a woman not to carry a whole bunch of stuff with herself. So this is probably why women do not wear clutch bags on everyday occasions.

Well, fashion is often about breaking the rules, so if one thinks that women cannot wear clutch bags on everyday occasions, fashion will prove them wrong.

Today we are going to give you some outfit ideas for wearing clutch bags on a daily basis. Maybe after this you will change your mind about them and you will begin wearing them to work, or to a day out with friends.

#1 Casual in black and blue

The first of the ideas in our list is perfect for a daily occasion. You can wear it to work if you do not have some very strict dress code. You could also wear it when you go shopping with friends, or even for some casual meeting. The outfit is also very comfortable and it can match any woman’s style.

You can wear a black woolen sweater with a pair of blue denim jeans and some black ankle boots. The easiest part of it is that you probably have all these items in your wardrobe already. They are perfect for the current season.

And since the main part of the outfit will be the clutch, it can be some outstanding one, like a round bag. You can choose it to be in some more subtle color, like black again. It could also be some statement bag if you prefer. It could be in the shape of a hat, or in the shape of some household object. It will definitely stand out.

#2 British Chic

The next outfit is inspired by the British style but it is some kind of interpretation. You can wear a short dark blue pleated skirt with a sweater in some classic print. The colors could be blue, red, and white.

As for the outerwear, you can wear some trench coat in some brighter color, like yellow. And you can complete the whole outfit with some flats that will make your outfit cute and comfortable at the same time.

The last piece of the outfit is the clutch bag which in this case it is not necessary to wear some outstanding bag, or a statement bag. You can wear a simple clutch bag in white, beige, or some other light color.

#3 Winter hat and some scarf

The next outfit idea is suitable for winter as well as for the chilly autumn days. You can wear a woolen hat with some sweater and a pair of denim jeans. You can wear a matching scarf and some gloves.

The sweater could be in light pink, or light blue and the denim jeans could be in dark blue. You can wear a hat with pom-pom in white or some other light color to match the color of the scarf and the gloves.

As for the clutch bag, it can be in some other color different from the other ones in the outfit, but at the same time to suit them perfectly. You can choose, for example, a brown leather clutch bag. The color and the fabric will match the rest of the outfit nicely.

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