Delicious Homemade Cocoa Recipes
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Delicious Homemade Cocoa Recipes

February is claimed to be the coldest month in the year, that is why we need something to warm us up. Since we cannot stay all day in bed under the sheets, we at least can have a cup of hot beverage to warm up our day. Sometimes, however, it is hard to find a place where nice cocoa is served. That is why we have prepared for you delicious homemade cocoa recipes to try on your own. This way you can be sure what kinds of ingredients you put in it and whether you like them or not so much.

#1 Creamy hot cocoa

If you do not mind your drink to be very sweet with some cream on top, then you definitely should try this hot cocoa recipe first. It will not take you more than 7-8 minutes to prepare it, so you can also do it before you go to work. And here it is how to prepare it.


1/3 cup of cocoa powder (it is better if it is unsweetened and organic)

3 ½ cups of milk

¼ cups of sugar (you can use both brown or white)

¾ teaspoon of vanilla extract (make sure you measure it even if you use vanilla powder)

1 pinch of salt

½ cups of cream

1/3 cups of water


First, you need to get a saucepan and add in it the water. Heat it so it starts steaming, but not boiling. When this happens you need to mix in it the sugar, the cocoa powder and the salt, while stirring carefully. Let the ingredients continue mixing for a couple of minutes while still stirring.

When the two minutes are over, you need to add the milk in the mixture. At this point the water should still not be boiling. When you pour the milk, do it carefully by stirring.

Then you need to remove the saucepan from the heat and to add the vanilla extract in it. Mix it well so that it spreads evenly. Then divide the mixture between 4 mugs and spread the cream equally on each of the mugs. Let the hot cocoa cool down for a couple of minutes.

If you do not want to make so much hot cocoa, just use smaller amount of the ingredients.

#2 Cinnamon hot chocolate

Here is a hot drink that all the cinnamon-lovers would love – cinnamon hot chocolate. Cinnamon, except from having amazing aroma, which could remind you of winter and warm days spent at home, it is also extremely healthy. It can make you nails and hair stronger and it can improve the health of your heart if you take it daily. So, if you had any doubts about trying this recipe, I believe there are no such already. And here is how to make this interesting and delicious recipe.


1 tablespoon cocoa powder (again it is better if it is unsweetened and organic)

2 tablespoons + 3/4 cup nondairy milk (if you do not have such one, you can still use diary milk, but the recipe would be slightly different)

1 tablespoon sugar

1/4 teaspoon cinnamon

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract or vanilla powder


This time you do not need a saucepan in which to mix all the ingredients. You can just do it in your favorite cocoa mug. Get it and mix in it the cocoa powder, the sugar, the cinnamon, and the vanilla. Use a teaspoon to stir them a little.

Then get the milk and add the 2 tablespoons to the mixture. This part is a little unpleasant, because you need to stir it for some time until the mixture begins to look like a thick chocolate syrup. Then set the mug aside and proceed to the next step.

The next thing you need to do is to is to get the ¾ cup of milk and to heat it over medium heat until it gets warmer. It is not necessary that it is boiling, on the contrary, it would be better if it is only warm or a little hot. Then pour the milk over the cocoa mixture you have prepared earlier and again stir it well.

Drink it white it is still hot.

How to make your hot cocoa recipes more interesting

To make your cocoa recipes more interesting it is not necessary to add a lot of exotic and uncommon ingredients. You can do it by pouring the hot cocoa in a nicely decorated mug. If you, for example, add cinnamon to the cocoa, you can use a couple of cinnamon sticks to the drink for decoration. If you like oranges, you can use the peels to create a special decoration for your mug, while still adding some of the orange to the cocoa. A lot of people like the combination of tastes and smells.

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