Delicate Brown Smoky Eyes in Under a Minute

Delicate Brown Smoky Eyes in Under a Minute



Smoky eyes are up there with cat eyes on the intimidation list. But if you can draw lines in a checkerboard, you can create a smoky eye! All this can be achieved in under a minute! How to do that, you ask? With a few simple tricks in mind and a couple of makeup products from your bag, you can master the delicate brown smoky eye look.


Step 1: Grab your brown eye pencil and create a short line from the outer corner of your eye, directed to the end of your eyebrow. Apply a gentle, short stroke to keep everything under control!


Step 2: Add a second thick line next to the first one, this time directed towards the arch of your brow.


Step 3: Apply the brown pencil from the end of the first line all the way to the inner corner, following your crease line.


Step 4: Add a second line below the crease line. Make sure the line is thick as you want the smoky eye effect to be visible.


Step 5: Use your fingertip to gently rub your eyelid and blend the colour across your eyelid. Use circular movements when you do that to make the process easier. Now, take your soft fluffy brush and continue smudging the colour until it is merely visible.


Step 6: Next up, take the brown pencil again and apply it on the waterline. Line only 2/3 of the waterline to make your eyes look bigger.


Step 7: Use your fingertip again to smudge the waterline for a smokier effect. If it is easier for you, pick a makeup brush and blend to perfection!


Step 8: Finally, apply black mascara to your lashes and the traditional yet fabulous smoky eye makeup is ready! It was super easy and quick, wasn’t it!

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