Dark Evening Makeup

Dark Evening Makeup

I want to show you an idea for your evening makeup. It is bold, dark and modern. If you think that this makeup design can match your outfit, your eyes and your skin and hair color, then you should give it a try, because it is easy, effective and very sexy. Take a look a the steps and follow them one by one in order to achieve the very same look. Here we go:

  • First, you have to prepare the lids for the makeup, which means that you must apply a primer and a base color. Or, you can apply a tinted primer and this way you will combine two steps in one. The primer will hold the makeup to last long, long time, and the beige color will create an even color of the lids, which will contribute to a better contrast.

  • Once the lids are fully prepared for the makeup, you should start applying the colors. First, cover the shape of the lid with matte black color. Don’t apply the color above the crease, because you will have to smudge it over the crease afterwards.

  • Now, take the brush and pull up the color. Smudge the edge of this black shape in order to create a proper base for the next color.

  • Now, apply dark burgundy color or Marsala color all around the lid. Cover the bottom lid as well. Smudge this color too in order to enhance the smoky effect of this design.

  • Then, line the lash line, apply mascara and cover the bottom lid with nude colored pencil or with white colored eye pencil. You should cover the top waterline with black color in order to create an effect of thicker-looking eyelashes.

  • Finally, shape and fill in your eyebrows, If you skip that step, you will look like you don’t have eyebrows. You can prevent that if you simply pay attention to your eyebrows.

  • All done! Enjoy the look and come back for more great ideas and designs. See you soon!

dark evening makeup

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