Cute High Bun with Accessory

Cute High Bun with Accessory


The high bun! Whether you’re going to prom, a wedding, or just the park, it’s a simple, classic, and elegant hairstyle.  Anyone can wear it regardless of hair type or texture, and it’s easier to style than you think! For those with brief hair, you can even now pull back your hair in a crazy stylish way. Copy this gorgeous hairstyle!

Step 1: Gather all of your hair into a very high ponytail. You may leave some framing hair pieces here and there if you want to go for a messier effect.

Step 2: Secure the high pony with a clear rubber band very tightly.

Step 3: Separate the ponytail in half and twist the two sections around each other. The twisted strands should switch hands. You should be crossing them in the opposite direction from the way you twisted your hair. If you twist and cross in the same direction, you braid will unravel.

Step 4: Holding the rope braid in hand, gently twist and wrap it against the back of your head to form the cute high bun. Make sure you pin the sections in place so that the twists won’t unravel.

Step 5: Pull some hair pieces for a messier look, if you wish to be more casual. If not, leave the style as it is now.

Step 6: Now place your favourite hair accessory at the base of your bun and you are ready to go out and show your lovely hairstyle to the world! Don’t forget to match the look with a nice outfit that can complement your overall appearance. What we would suggest is a skater skirt with a lace top or a floral dress. If you prefer to be more casual, than a pair of cute jeans and a pink tank top would do the trick!

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