Cute and Interesting Ideas for Your Christmas Hairstyle
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Cute and Interesting Ideas for Your Christmas Hairstyle


Christmas is soon coming and there is almost no time for one to finish with all the preparations for the holiday if they did not start beforehand. If you still, though, have not decided what kind of hairstyle to have on Christmas day, and on Christmas Eve, then you can check out our ideas.

And since we talk about Christmas and not about New Year’s Eve, do not expect these hairstyles to be glamorous, like the ones you would wear when going clubbing. These ideas are rather cute, charming, and even a bit sentimental. So, check them out!

#1 Red ribbon in your hair

The first of the hairstyle ideas is my personal favorite because it reminds me of my school days. I am also sure that a lot of you will remember their school days with this hairstyle. And it is not only sentimental but easy to do.

What you need to do is to curl the lower half of your hair with a curling iron. Make the curls the way you like them, they could be loose or not. It depends on your personal preferences. And then get a lock of hair from your crown and tie it with the red ribbon. Make sure you tie it somewhere a little bit below the crown, on the back of your hair to secure it better. And this is it!

#2 High bun with a star

The next idea is pretty simple but there is something specific about it – you need to have a shiny star to put it in your bun to create this festive hairstyle. If you cannot find a big one, then you can use a few smaller ones and to put them around the bun. This way you will create a halo around it and it will become even more interesting and special.

As for the bun you need a sponge for buns. First you need to tie your hair in a high ponytail, then put your ponytail thread the sponge bun on your ponytail. Make sure it covers the elastic band you have used to tie your hair. And then simply spread your hair around the bun so it covers it completely.

Use another elastic band to secure the hair on the sponge. And if your hair is too long, you need to simply roll it around the bun, or better yet, a little bit under it. Secure the hair with bobby pins. And then you can add the starts. Put them around the bun to create a shiny halo of stars around it. And voila, your Christmas hairstyle is ready!

#3 Bohemian chic

One of my favorite hairstyles are inspired by bohemian fashion. And if you also like it, you may wear your hair in this way on Christmas day. You can have your hair straight or wavy, the way you prefer, but if you make it wavy then you will give the hairstyle some more volume.

And the next thing you should consider is getting a headband. This item is a symbol of the bohemian fashion, so there is just no way to skip it. There are some girly ones which have cat ears on them. But if you prefer something more serious and yet glamorous, you may have one with shiny stones on.

Or you could choose one with flowers on it. There are some which are more typical for the bohemian style and they are made of fabric and have different patterns. If you choose this hairstyle, it could be ready in less than 5 minutes and at the same time would be festive and memorable.

#4 Christmas wreath

The next idea is quite bold and probably not every girl will try it on, but it is cute and Christmas-y and it would definitely be a conversation starter.Here is an idea how to create it, but you could let your imagination go and do it how you prefer.

What you need to do is to braid all your hair on one side. You could do a loose braid, or a tighter one. And the next step is to get a Christmas wreath that matches the size of your head and to put it there. Secure it with bobby pins and make sure you use a lot unless you want to worry about it every other minute.

If you have short hair and you cannot braid it, you could simply wrap it around the Christmas wreath again securing it with a lot of bobby pins. You also may use some hairspray to make your hair less slippery. Basically, there are a lot of ideas for this kind of hairstyle. You only need to remember to have fun while doing it.

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