Create Sassy Look with This Makeup Design

Create Sassy Look with This Makeup Design

There are a lot of different makeup designs, created for different eye shapes or for different purposes. Today we will talk about these special occasions when you want to impress someone of the opposite sex in order to get him to like you one way or another. These situations are well known as Flirt. The most effective way to flirt is to do it with your eyes. So that’s a good reason for you to draw the attention to your eyes with a gorgeous design of eye makeup. I will suggest a specific design, that will make your eyes look more daring and sexy, because they will be elongated by the shape of the makeup. Take a look at the steps and follow them one by one in order to make it right. Here we go:

  • Prepare the lids for the makeup with oil-free primer. When you put moisturizer on the face, don’t put it on the lids too. Usually, the skin of the lids doesn’t shed and produce enough of oils to keep the eyes well protected and moisturized. If you put the oily cream, you risk smudging your makeup afterwards. The right product for the makeup base is an oil-free primer, or tinted primer for the moments when you are about to put only an eyeliner on the eyes.

  • Then, draw a winged, V-shape at the outer corner of the eye with black color. Apply the black color at the top and bottom lash lines as well.

  • Smudge the V-shape to the inner half of the lid with a brush.

  • Cover the lid with gray eyeshadow.

  • Highlight the inner half of the top and the bottom lash line, including the inner corner of the eye and the brow bone.

  • Finish the look with black eye liner and mascara.

  • Done!

Create Sassy Look with This Makeup Design

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