Couple’s Bucket List

Couple’s Bucket List

I think that there is no person who doesn’t have a bucket list. Especially the younger folks. It might not be a written list, but most people have in mind a list of those things they want to do before they die. And this is amazing. I love the fact that people dream of doing things all the time. But when you are in a relationship thing changing a little bit. I am not saying that you should throw away your bucket list. But you should make a new one with your other half. Looking forward to doing fun, special and different things together will make your relationship everything but boring. Have you and your spouse thought about that?

Here is our couple’s bucket list idea:

  1. Take a road trip together

If one of you has a driver’s license it is your things. If you both do and have at least one car – it could all happen very easily. If not, no one said it can not be on your list. It will be harder to organize. Going on a road trip with your boyfriend will be a romantic experience. Only the two of you on the road is something very personal and intimate. Although it doesn’t at first sound like it is exactly that. Music, roads, beautiful scenery, sun – it will be amazing!

  1. Take a hot air balloon ride

This is an experience that is a dream for many. And imagine how romantic it could be if you do it with your someone special. There is this place in Turkey – Kapadokiya where many air balloons fly up at sunset around the same time. It is one of the most beautiful experiences that any person could have. First of all Kapadokiya is very beautiful and special. Then there is the sunset and you balloon and all the others and then there is the special person. Something to remember for a lifetime.

  1. Go tech-free for 24 hours

We are always connected with the world through our phones. All the time there is a TV, radio, computer or something else working around us. And that takes all of the romance out of the everyday life. So why not shape up things a little bit. Instead of spending next Sunday together starting at your phone screens, why not try to spend a full 24 hours with all tech gadgets away. But both of you. No matter your work or whatever. Just make the commitment and see how it feels later on. If it is good you could do it more often then once. But the most important is the first step.

  1. Play paint twister

You might have played twister. So might have he. And that is fun. If you have never played it together, here is an opportunity. But think about it differently – play paint twister. The rules are the same as the classic twister game, but with paint. You will be falling down a lot. It will become a mess, but it could also be a great foreplay. Play in your underwear and take a shower together. Or something similar like that. Once the mood is set for all of the fun of the game, the rest will be good too.

  1. Play Hide&Seek in IKEA

IKEA is one of those places that many, many people have called home at one point or another. It could be fun or boring to be there depending on your personality. And being there with your boyfriend could be amazing even if you just walk around holding hands and talking. But why don’t you spice it up a little bit. There is this kids game I am sure all of you know – Hide & Seek (LOL). Next time you find yourself at IKEA give it a go. Of course it is good to pick a section first, because it might be a ‘little’ hard to find your other half if you have to search trough the whole place.

  1. Build a fort and have a movie night

Remember how as a kid you used to build a fort and feel as safe as possible. Being with your guy in that fort could be way more than romantic and intimate. It could be special. And it is not something you need money to do or whatever. When you are wondering what to do in the evening here is your quest. Choose a good movie, it doesn’t have to be romantic – just something you know you will both like. And there you go. Something special, yet at home and the greatest romance.

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