Cool Winter Hacks and Tricks to Try This Season
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Cool Winter Hacks and Tricks to Try This Season


Winter is coming! Or it already here having in mind that it is December and the temperatures are getting low. It is a great season full of magic and holidays, but there are, of course, some disadvantages to it, as there are for every other thing in the world.

And the winter’s ones are that cold weather brings snow, puddles and, of course, low temperatures. And all of these things can lead to cold and wet feet and many other inconveniences. Today we have prepared for you a few cool winter hacks that will help you stay warm and pretty in the winter. And yes, pun wan intended!

#1 Make your boots waterproof

The first of the hacks we are going to share with you today is about protecting your feet from the water in the puddles. You may have bought some pretty boots for the winter, but it does not necessarily mean that they will be waterproof. And guess what, in most cases they are not. That is why you may try these two simply hacks for keeping your feet dry in the winter.

The first one is using some candle or wax. Buy the cheapest candle there is and simply start rubbing it into the outer side of the boots. Make sure you cover the whole surface. Keep applying the candle wax until there is a thick layer of it on the shoe. Then simply get your hairdryer and heat your shoes. Do it until the wax melts down and absorbs into the fabric of the shoe. It will serve as a protection layer from the water.

The next hack which is again connected to keeping your feet dry but it is much easier. Simply apply zipper plastic bags on your feet before you put on your boots. This will help protect your feet, but could be a little uncomfortable to some people. I recommend it for extreme cases.

#2 Forget about static hair

The next hack is for all of us girls who hate it when our hair gets static in the winter. When I was little I watched a movie when some girls got static hair and they said that this was because they were in love. Surprisingly enough, we may not be in love and still get static hair.

If you want to forget about this problem in the winter, you will need to use some dryer sheet. Some girls also use toilet seat covers because they do the same job. What you need to do is to rub the sheet on your hair and you will get rid of the static electricity.

Or you could also stick the sheet on your brush and while you are brushing your hair, it will stay on its place, without floating in all possible directions. This trick works like a charm, so make sure you have plenty of dryer sheets for the winter.

#3 Keep your skin moisturized

Another of our big girl problems in the winter is dry skin and cracked feet and lips. When one’s skin gets very dry, it gets cracks and it could not only be uncomfortable, but also painful and it may lead to minor bleeds. If you want to prevent this, then you could try this – use Vaseline.

Apply it on your feet and on your lips before going to bed. Make sure you massage your feet well with it, and then put a pair of thick socks on. This will not only keep your feet safe from cracks, but will also keep them warm. As for your lips, you only need to apply the Vaseline before going to bed and it will work its magic overnight.

#4 Car hacks

The next couple of hacks are for those of you who have cars. If you do not want to go through cleaning ice from your car window, you could try this little trick and prevent it from freezing. Just spray some apply cider vinegar on the windscreen and rub it a little. There will be no trace of ice on it the next morning.

The other hack is for your car lock. If you do not want it to freeze in the winter, just apply some hand sanitizer gel on your car key before you put it in the lock. Do this for a couple of times. It will prevent the lock from freezing and you will have no problems unlocking the door.

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