Cool Outfit Ideas to Wear for Work This Month
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Cool Outfit Ideas to Wear for Work This Month


One of the greatest things about fashion is that people can use it to express themselves and at the same time to feel comfortable in their own skin. Fashion is versatile which means that a person can find outfits to wear that match a person’s fashion sense. And this fashion sense can suit any event and occasion, even work.

Today we decided to give you some suggestions about some work outfits you could try this month. If you do not have some strict dress code, you could use the ideas in our list as an inspiration for your own fashion outfits that you are going to wear this month. Check them out!

#1 Beige Trench Coat with a Casual Outfit

The first of the idea in our list is all about the chic and at the same time comfortable outfit a woman that a woman can wear to work. For this outfit you will need a trench coat, preferably in some color that would stand out, like beige. Beige is a great autumn color that is not over the top and matches the mood of the whole season.

You can wear it to work with a simple black shirt and a pair of denim jeans. It is better to choose some skinny one if you do not want the outfit to be too casual. As for the shoes, it is better to stick to some high heels, like stiletto shoes, in black. They are classy and will match the working environment. At the same time will add some sexiness and femininity to the woman’s outfit.

#2 Add a hat

The next suggestion in our list is great for the office and at the same time it is cool and fun because of one particular accessory – a hat. Autumn is the time to wear woolen hats as a fashion accessory and not as a protection from the sun or the cold as during the summer and the winter.

You can wear a pair of dark blue jeans which cannot be skinny this time. You could try some other type of jeans, like bell bottoms jeans. The top part of your outfit could be a white shirt with a blazer in black and white maybe, or it could be in grey. These colors are perfect for a working environment.

And last, but main, is the hat which is the centerpiece of this outfit. You can wear a woolen floppy hat in some dark color, like black. You can choose also military green or beige, or any earth color. They will suit the outfit. And, of course, make sure you wear this outfit on a sunny day.

#3 Scarf and a small shoulder bag

The next outfit is again perfect for the office mainly because of its dark colors since these are the sophisticated colors suitable for working environment. You can wear black smart pants with a white shirt as a main part of the outfit. And then you can wear some blazer in grey to match the outfit.

The next part of the outfit is actually the one that makes it so special – a scarf and some small shoulder bag. Women are used to wearing big, briefcase-like bags to work, so a small shoulder one will be like a fresh breath to the strict office environment. As for the scarf, it will keep you warm in the cold autumn days and will be a great finishing touch to the outfit, not making it too strict.

#4 A dress with boots

The next outfit is probably the least strict in our list but it is still suitable for a working environment, of course, if there is not any strict dress code. You can actually wear a black fitted dress with long sleeves that is about a knee-length, or a little bit above the knees.

The fabric of the dress is also very important. If you choose some cotton one, this will make the dress suitable for work. And there should not be a long neckline revealing too much skin, because the dress is after all for working environment. You can actually wear one with a turtleneck.

For the other main part of the outfit you can choose long boots that will cover some extra of the naked leg part. At the same time the outfit will be feminine and sexy and not over the top. You could also add a scarf to it to make it just a little more casual and at the same time to add some more color to the outfit.

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