Cool Outfit Ideas for Rainy Days
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Cool Outfit Ideas for Rainy Days


There are a lot of people who feel depressed in the fall. This is usually because of the weather. The sunny days are fewer and fewer, and clouds appear more and more often in the sky. And we all know what clouds bring – rain. This, of course, is no reason to feel down. On the contrary, every type of weather can be used for inspiration.

You, for example, could apply different kinds of makeup for the summer and for the winter. And you certainly wear different kinds of clothes during the different seasons. Well, if you are looking for inspiration in the fall, look no further since rain could be it. Today we have prepared for you some outfits perfect for the rainy days of fall.

#1 Match the gloomy weather with some color

If you feel depressed because of the rainy weather and you want some more light and color in the gloomy days, then I suggest you add them yourselves. What you can do is simply wear more colorful clothes instead of the typical brown, black, and grey colors.

Here is our suggestion: pick a white dress, or white and blue dress a little bit above the knees. Wear the dress with a colorful blazer. If you love pink hues, then do not hesitate to choose a blazer in such a color. If pink is not your cup of cake, then you could wear a yellow blazer.

Another thing which is very important is the shoes. It is quite important to keep your feet dry, so you will need good shoes that would not let water in. My suggestion is a pair of rubber boots in a vibrant mustard color. It will match the blazer and will add some more color in your outfit.

#2 White from top to bottom

The next suggestion is not that colorful as the first one, but it surely is not as gloomy as the typical fall colors. I have called it “white from top to bottom” even though white is not the only color in the outfit. It is a chic outfit, perfect for a special occasion, for brunch, or for a day in the office.

We start again with the main item and for this outfit we have chosen a long white dress, but not with a floor-length. This way you will have the chance to protect the bottom part of your dress from the rain and the paddles.

Match it with a longcoat in a light color. You could either choose one in a pale pink color that is very close to the white of the dress, or with a very light beige color. If you can find shoes and a bag in the same color as the coat, then it would be perfect. If not, you could simply stick to white or even a light grey color.

#3 Jeans and a scarf

This is probably my favorite outfit because it is very comfortable and there is nothing specific that you need to search for in order to find the items that it consists of. We have chosen two main colors for it and these are blue and red.

Every woman should have at least 1 pair of jeans in her wardrobe. It is very suitable for the rainy days. We have matched a pair of blue skinnies with a red blouse and a scarf in stripes. You can use whatever color you want and you can even add another color of your own choice, but since this look in mainly in red and blue, so are the colors we have chosen for the scarf.

Last, but not least, the shoes. We again have chosen a pair of rubber boots, but this time in red color. If you do not want to wear boots with this outfit, you could stick to the good old sneakers. They could be in white to add some freshness to the overall look of the outfit.

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