Cool Halloween Costumes Inspired by Princesses
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Cool Halloween Costumes Inspired by Princesses


Halloween is a lot of people’s favorite holiday because there is no need to spend extra time planning on how to celebrate it, or where to go. You can both decide it in the last minute, or you can spend more time planning it. It is up to you. And besides, it is another reason to have a party with your friends or family.

If you have already started thinking about your Halloween costume for this year, then we may help you with some suggestions. A lot of girls would like to be princesses even for a day, so they may simply dress up as one for the holiday. And that is exactly what we have prepared for you today: Halloween costume ideas inspired by princesses.

There ideas are very easy to execute and you can even find that you have some of the items you are going to need in your own closet. So, let’s check them out!

#1 Snow White

If you have always liked one of the cutest and kind-hearted princesses there are, Snow White, then you could dress up like her this year. What you are going to need is a yellow skirt. Actually, one of this season’s popular fashion trends is metallic colors, so you can incorporate both the look of the princess and the popular fashion trend.

Another thing you are going to need if you want to look like Snow White is a blue top. You can go for a sleeveless one, or a top with very thin straps in dark blue color, close to the color of Snow White’s top dress part.

You also should not forget to tie all your hair up in a bun, or messy bun and to add a red bow in your hair, or better yet a red diadem with a red bow. And if you are wondering what kind of shoes to match with the outfit, then try with yellow high heels.

#2 Belle, “Beauty and the Beast”

Now all princesses are dressed in ornate costumes. Some prefer simple outfits, just like Belle from Beauty and the Beast. If you have brown hair and brown eyes, and you are a bookworm, just like her, then you can dress up like that for Halloween.

The main outfit you are going to need is a light blue dress with no sleeves. Under it you need to put on a white shirt with long sleeves. And voila, the main part of your Belle-inspired costume will be ready.

You only need to add a few finishing touches to it. If you have a white apron, just like a housewife’s one, then add it to the outfit. Tie your hair up in a ponytail and put on some black flats, like the ones Belle wears. And you are ready!

#3 The little mermaid

Women like mermaids, because they are beautiful and a little mysterious, but this is not the easiest costume to wear on Halloween. If you decide to put on a real mermaid costume, you can be sure that you will find it a little bit difficult to walk in it. Well, you can try another thing instead if you want to be the little mermaid this Halloween.

First of all, you need to be very confident and to know that your belly will be exposed to all the eyes around. The second thing you need to prepare is a swimsuit top, or a bra, in a purple color. To turn it into a shell-shaped one, stick two translucent plastic shells on each cup of the bra/swimsuit top. This way you are going to make it look like Ariel’s one.

As for the bottom part of the costume, you need to choose a pencil skirt in metallic colors as well. The main color should be green, but there could be some bluish, reddish, and purplish hues as well. It needs to look like the scales of a fish. It should be knee-length so that you feel comfortable while walking in it. Last, but not least, put on some green high heels and do not forget about Ariel’s red hair as well.

#4 The Sleeping Beauty

The outfit of Aurora, the Sleeping Beauty, could be quite easy to be found as well. You will need a long skirt in a pale pink color, or even better in a light beige one. Match it with a white fitted blouse and do not forget about the most important part of the outfit – the corset. You will need a black one.

You will also need a scarf to wrap your head around with. It is preferably to be in a plum, or bark purple color. You can add another finishing touch to the outfit – Aurora’s basket she goes in the woods with for strawberries.

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