Cool Back-to-School Inspired Outfit Ideas
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Cool Back-to-School Inspired Outfit Ideas


There are a lot of students who do not feel like going back to school after the long summer break. As we probably all know, school is not the best place for some students who feel isolated, put down, and often bullied. And how to deal with all those bad emotions when school time is back? Just count on fashion!

When you wear clothes that you feel comfortable and confident in this is going to show and it can really make your day. So, if you are wondering how to escape from all back-to-school drama, we suggest taking your mind off it with fashion. Here are some outfit ideas you could wear to school. And you could wear them outside school as well.

#1 Checked pleated skirt with some blazer

The first of the suggestions in the list is very much inspired by school uniforms which appeared in the past andare still very popular nowadays. One of the first thoughts in one’s mind when it comes to school girl uniforms is checked skirts. And if you make the skirt a pleated one, then it is a complete bottom-part of the outfit.

You could wear a checked pleated skirt in red, blue, or green. It needs to be a little bit above the knee and the skirt could be a high-waist one but it is not an absolute must. You could match the skirt with a simple white shirt which you could tuck in if the skirt is a high-waist one.

You could make the outfit complete if you add a blazer in the same or similar checked color of the skirt. You could also add some flats in some dark color, like black. And if you want to make the outfit a real schoolgirl like, then a pair of long stockings, preferably in white, would do the job. It will look cute and young.

#2 Blazer and sneakers

The next outfit idea is not so straightforward schoolgirl one which makes it wearable by women who have graduated high school and still want to look young and fresh. One could put on a pair of dark-color skinny jeans, like dark blue or black, and wear them with a fitted autumn sweater. Since it is almost fall and back-to-school days are associated with this season, we are going to focus on clothes suitable for this time of the year.

As for the outerwear in the chilly time of the year, you could wear a blazer which would rather be fitted as well so it is more feminine. The blazer could be in a dark blue color to match the jeans and it could have some gold-color buttons to make the blazer look more school-like. And the last thing you could add to the outfit is a pair of sneakers. They will make the outfit a rather sporty one, very young, fresh, and very comfortable.

#3 Suspenders rock

The next outfit is inspired by a certain item which is not only about school, it is cute, interesting, and fashionable. It is suspenders. Basically they are casual but very chic and one could wear them at day-time events. You could wear them to school, you could wear them to work, or even some occasion.

Today’s suggestion with suspenders is a very colorful one and it is basically in blue and yellow. You could wear light blue shirt with dark blue skinny jeans and you could match them with yellow suspenders and yellow high heels.

As for the bag, you could wear a handbag in a color different from the main ones, like beige or some nude color. This way the outfit will become quite fresh. Suspenders make your outfit fun and cool, so do not be afraid to experiment.

#4 Black and white with a twist

The last outfit in our list is probably the easiest one to put together and the most simple and clean one. But do not be mistaken by this description, the outfit is still fashionable and chic. Black and white is a color combination that is one of the most popular and stylish ones in the fashion industry. Some experts even say “when in doubt, wear black and white”. And it is definitely a combination suitable for school.

You could wear a short black skirt with a white shirt as your main outfit. If the skirt is a pleated one, it would be even better. But as we mentioned, there is a twist with this outfit and it is a tie. There are a lot of schoolgirl uniforms with ties included. Ties for women are fashionable and chic somewhat because of this androgynous sense they bring to an outfit. If you stick to this color combination, make sure you choose a black tie to contrast the white shirt.

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