Cool and Festive Manicure Ideas for New Year’s Eve
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Cool and Festive Manicure Ideas for New Year’s Eve


Christmas may no longer be here, but do not be say, because New Year’s Eve is coming in a few days. And if you still have not prepared your outfit for it, then it is probably time to think about it. Today we have decided to give you some manicure ideas suitable for the holiday. Decide which one appeals to you best and you may use it as an inspiration for your New Year’s Eve manicure. Check out these ideas!

#1 Sparkle, sparkle, sparkle

This is the first and the most popular idea when it comes to New Year’s Eve manicure. It is one of the most sparkly holidays. Women like wearing sequins and other shiny clothes for the party.

That is why their manicure could be as sparkly as their clothes as well. And even if their outfit is not as sparkly, they may balance their outfit with some sparkly manicure.

The easiest kind of manicure to have is to choose a glitter nail polish in a color that you love. If you want to stick to the festive theme, then choose golden or silver as such a color.

Another way you could have a sparkly manicure is to have only the tips of your nails painted in the color and to leave the rest of your nails in a base coat. It is not necessarily to do it as a French manicure, but you could do it as a rainbow one – the glitter should be less on the base of the nail and more on the tip of it.

#2 2017

Another typical idea for a New Year’s Eve manicure is to write the number of the year on one of your fingernails, or why not on all of them. You could write 2 on your index finger, 0 on your middle finger, 1 on your ring finger, and 7 on your pinky. You could leave your thumb nail with some glitter on, or if you want some decorations, you may have some fireworks on the thumb.

When it comes to colors, you may again include golden, silver, or blue, red, and even black. It depends on your personal preferences and, of course, your mood as well.

#3 A clock

Another interesting and at the same timesymbolic idea for New Year’s Eve manicure is a clock showing the time 5 minutes before 12 o’clock, or 5 minutes before midnight. It is also possible to have a clock showing 12 o’clock sharp, but this ideais more interesting and it would not look like that there is only one hand. And besides 5 minutes to 12 implies some suspense. You could draw the clock on one of your fingernails and to leave the rest with one or two colors.

#4 Champagne glasses

Another typical symbol of New Year’s Eve is the champagne people drink when the clock strikes 12. That is why the next manicure idea includes champagne. You could draw a couple of classes of champagne on one of your fingernails, or you could have the bottle of champagne drawn.

You could, of course, choose to have both of these decorations on your middle fingernail and on your ring fingernail. And you could match them with the next manicure idea.

#5 Fireworks

Another idea for New Year’s Eve manicure is to have fireworks nail art. They may sound difficult to create, but in fact, it is easier than you can imagine. You can start by applying black color as a base. Then you will need red, blue, and yellow.

Draw a dot on the center of your nail with one of the colors and then simply draw the sparkles of the fireworks coming from the center (the dot) downwards. Draw them a little curvy. You could use some glitter as well to create a more sparkly effect.And this is basically it.

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