Contouring Technique For Slimmer Face

Contouring Technique For Slimmer Face

The contouring makeup is a whole art. It’s not a makeup that you can apply in 10 minutes. In fact, it shouldn’t be such a makeup, because it is not appropriate for a casual look. The contouring and highlighting makeup technique is special and heavy. You will look like a clown at day light, in person, no matter how well it is blended, or how expensive the makeup products are. All these layers will create a fake texture of your skin. That’s why the contouring makeup is usually a night design, or makeup for the camera. Here are some steps and guidelines for a contouring makeup, including a tip for your hairstyle. Take a look:

  • The first step is always the preparation. Every beauty design needs preparation – the face, the nails, the lids and the hair. Always! Now, you will have to apply a makeup primer all over the face. If your skin is usually dry, put a moisturizer before the makeup primer.

  • Then, even out the skin complexion with a thin layer of BB cream.

  • Start with the highlighter first. Its color must be two or three shades lighter than the natural color of your facial skin. Cover these areas of the face with the highlighter: the T-zone; the cupid’s bow; cheeks + under eye areas; the chin.

  • Then apply the darker foundation – two or three shades darker than your skin tone: at the top of the forehead, sides of the nose; cheekbones; jawline.

  • Blend the colors together with a big, fluffy brush.

  • Lock the foundations with a setting powder or spray.

  • Finish the look with eye makeup, brow shaping and lip color according to the event and according to your outfit.

  • Create the right hairstyle and put matching accessories.

  • You are ready for the red carpet now!

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