Contouring as Part of Your Makeup

Contouring as Part of Your Makeup



Getting that Kim Kardashian level face beat seems like it would be impossible for mere mortals who do not have an entire team of renowned makeup artists living in their closet. But Kim’s carefully crafted angles are actually pretty easy to do yourself, even if you are a contouring virgin.

Facial contouring has become the beauty trick of the moment thanks in no small part to Kim Kardashian’s love for the flattering technique, but it’s a trick make-up artists have used for years. Now is the time for you to master this technique as well! Simply follow the steps below and add contouring as part of your makeup routine!

Step 1: Sweep your contour colour under your cheekbone using a soft, angled brush. You can find your cheekbone easily using your fingers – the colour should go in the hollow just beneath it.

Step 2: To make your nose look straighter, use your fingers to rub a little contour powder along the sides of your nose. Contour applied on the side of your nose creates a shadow effect, which makes your nose appear more angular.

Step 3: If your chin is starting to droop a little, just sweep a touch of contour powder under the jaw line to instantly hide any saggy bits and look years younger.

Step 4: Using the darker foundation, apply it to the sides of the nose, under the cheekbones, and around the hairline. Blend until there are no signs of demarcation.

Step 5: Using a brush or makeup sponge, blend the lighter foundation until there are no signs of demarcation between the lighter and darker foundation. Work section by section with the blending brush.

Step 6: To set the contour makeup, apply powder last. Dry skin can skip powder, but if you tend to get oily, you’ll want to set your work with a translucent powder.

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