Colorful Outfit Ideas to Try This Summer
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Colorful Outfit Ideas to Try This Summer


Summer is one of the seasons when people are more willing to wear colorful clothes. This is mainly because of the warm weather and the mood one is in at that time of the year. It is no secret that the more sunshine there is, the happier people feel. There is a scientific explanation about this, of course. And this is vitamin D which sunshine brings. It makes people feel happier.

And since it is the peak of the season and the sun is shining, it is time to put on our colorful clothes and enjoy the great summer weather. And to inspire you to wear colorful clothes, today we have prepared for you some fashion outfit ideas to try before the summer ends.

#1 Pink, blue and yellow

The first of the ideas in our list is a very colorful one because it consists of three main bright colors which makes it a perfect combination for the summer. You can start by putting on a pink tank top, or better yet you may choose fuscia pink hue for this outfit to make it even more colorful and vibrant.

Then you can match it with a long and high-waist skirt in a vibrant yellow color. If you prefer, you can wear a short skirt instead of the long one. You only need to tuck your tank top in the skirt and the main part of your outfit will be ready.

And since we mentioned that the third main color of the outfit is blue, you can choose a handbag in such a color. It will make a nice contrast to the other items and at the same time will complement them in a colorful and fun way.

Last, but certainly not least, you need to pick your accessories for the outfit. The shoes should not be too colorful since you do not want to end up looking like a rainbow I suppose. You may choose high heels or sandals in a beige color, or another more subtle one.

As for the jewelries, it is not necessary to wear more than one piece. In fact, the outfit itself is so colorful that if you add too much accessories, you will draw the attention away.You can put on some necklace and that is it.

#2 Dress in a colorful print

The next colorful idea you could try consists of one main item – a dress. Dresses are in general very practical, especially in the summer, because they are only one-piece and you do not have to spend time wondering how to match the separate pieces of the outfit. You just put on the dress and you are ready. Besides, dresses will keep you cool in the summer and that is why you should definitely consider having more than one such piece in your wardrobe.

Today’s suggestion for you is a long dress in a colorful print. And since one of the prints that are popular this year is one with animals, our suggestion includes exactly this. Long orange-base dress with images of animals, like giraffes, elephants, tigers, etc. in a dark blue color. This color combination is a fresh one and the print is also a trendy one so if you wear such kind of fashion piece, you will be quite fashionable.

The next thing you need to pay attention to is the bag and the shoes. This kind of dress is a bit in a Boho style and that is why you may stick to shoes and a bag in such kind of style. You can wear a brown bag with tassels and some flat sandals again in brown color.

#3 Red and white

There are a lot of people who do not consider the combination of white and red a modern one. It seems that it has some old-fashioned touch to them. But as you know, everything in fashion comes and goes, which means that red and white can become a hit once again. White, just like black, can be matched with any other color and look great. Besides, it is better to wear such kind of combination before it has become such a huge hit.

So, if you would like to try this color combinations, here is an idea for you. You can choose a fitted white top and a long red skirt. You can tuck the white top into the skirt, especially if it is a high-waist one. When it comes to the type of the skirt, you may stick to some more fitted one which has long slits. This way you will be able to walk comfortably and the slits will keep you cool.

As for the accessories, you can stick to some beige ones, like a bag and shoes in beige, and maybe some bronze jewelries. You can wear some thin necklace and some bracelet, but be careful not to go over the top with the accessories as a whole.

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