Colorful Outfit Ideas to Try This Spring
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Colorful Outfit Ideas to Try This Spring


Spring is the time when people start wearing more colorful clothes and begin to experiment with colors more as a whole. This is not only because spring is considered to be the time when the nature wakes up and colors begin to appear more in the outside world, but also because people get into a good and more positive mood and they feel like wearing more colorful clothes.

To encourage you do to the same, if you still have not, today we have prepared for you some colorful outfit ideas for this season. We believe that you can find your personal style in our suggestions, or you can simply try some new one for a change. So, here are these outfit ideas.

#1 Boho style

I am personally in love with Boho style and that is why I begin with it today. There are people who think that Boho style is hippie style, but this is not exactly true. Nowadays it is more modern and quite fresh. One could wear Boho even without realizing it.

This season you can try a long shirt that almost look like a dress in yellow and some flower print maybe. Make sure the dress is loose and you do not wear it with pants. You could wear it with pantyhose, or leggings in nude or beige. Match the shirt-dress with boots again in nude or beige color. This is a great combination typical for Boho style.

The accessories are another part of the outfit that are very important when it comes to Boho style. For this outfit we have chosen a light blue denim jacket, as you know denim jackets are a thing right now, and a panama hat. Do not forget to add some sunglasses and the outfit will be complete – a fresh one perfect for spring.

#2 Pink for work

There are a lot of women who hate pink because they feel like only coquettes and women who want to look like Barbie dolls wear it. There are, however, different hues of pink and some of them could be worn even in a working environment. That is why we have decided to show you how to wear pink in the office.

For this outfit we have chosen black fitted pants, light pink top and a blazer in a matching pink color. The important thing is that the top is lighter than the blazer. If you want you can choose white for it instead of the pink, but stick to the pink when it comes to the blazer. The blazer needs to be short, up to the woman’s waist. And it also needs to have golden zipper. This will make it more elegant and sophisticated, suitable for work.

As for the accessories, you can wear beige shoulder bag and a belt in a matching color. The belt could be a couple of shades darker though. A golden watch would be a perfect match to the outfit as well because it will suit the golden zipper of the blazer.

#3 Green pants for everyday occasions

One of the top colors this year is green. One should definitely have at least a couple of fashion item in such color in their wardrobe. And let’s just not mention that some green hues, like military green, suit every skin complexion and every hair color. Green is also known for having a calming effect on people. So, enough with the reasons why people should wear green. Here is a great outfit idea with this color.

As we mentioned, military green suits everybody. That is why we have chosen this color to be the central one in this outfit. If you want to make the outfit a little bit more sophisticated one, then you definitely need to choose smart pants. You can roll them a couple of inches up, to your ankles, and wear them with black flat shoes.

As for the top, you could choose a simple black one. Since it will not be the central piece of the outfit, it needs to be a little more subtle. You can match the outfit with long spring coat in beige color. Beige suits military green perfectly, especially if black is also included in the combination.

And do not forget about the accessories. Some watch, a nice pair of glasses, and some black shoulder bag could complement the outfit perfectly.

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