CleanThese Items of Your Home Immediately
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CleanThese Items of Your Home Immediately


There are a lot of people lead fast lives. They seem to be always in a hurry and do not pay attention to some minor parts of their lives. One of these things is the personal hygiene of their home. You probably would say that this is not true and that you clean your house regularly.

However, you do not know that there are some specific parts of one’s house, including one’s wardrobe, that they do not pay specific attention during a daily and a weekly clean. In other words, people just forget to clean these items.

Now you are going to find out which these items are. And it is best to remember cleaning them regularly because these are germs favorite places to feast.

#1 Your moisturizing cream

We all know that there are different types of cream containers. Some are kept in tubes, while other are kept in a box. If you use creams in a box, then you should know that this creams of yours are probably full of germs. This is because you not only open them regularly, but you also dip your fingers in them in order to get some cream.

This is why it is best to use creams in tubes. You will only need to squeeze it and to apply cream wherever you want. Just make sure you also keep the mouth of the tube away from your skin, otherwise you may also spread some bacteria on the rest of your cream. You need to be very careful about it because these bacteria may even cause some infections and irritation.

#2 Makeup brushes and lipstick

Another item that could be full of germs if it is not cleaned regularly is one’s makeup products, especially makeup brushes including mascara wands and one’s lipstick. This is because these items get most in touch with one’s skin and thus can spread germs.

If you do not want to end up having some kind of facial skin infection, or even eye infection, it is best to use your makeup products only before their expiration date and if it is possible to make sure your face is absolutely clean before you apply it. This way you will cut down the chance of spreading germs on your makeup.

#3 Buttons

The first two of the items were linked to one’s beauty products, but the next one is a thing all of us use daily and sometimes we do not realize how much and how often we use it. This item is buttons, actually all kinds of buttons are included in the list.

People often forget to clean them because buttons are a part of the electronics and they are very careful while touching it. Or they may simply forget about cleaning them because buttons are so small sometimes that people would not even consider them an important part which needs to be cleaned.

However, they are full of germs because we daily touch them a lot of time. Think about your keyboard. How many times have you touched it today? Probably so many that you cannot count it. You need to make sure you clean regularly all kinds of buttons at home in order not to spread germs.

#4 Telephones

Another thing, people do not realize how dirty it is, is one’s phone. There is even some statistics pointing to the fact that there are 20% more bacteria on one’s phone than on the kitchen sink.

First of all, people touch their phones with hands that are not always clean. You could have been in the public transport where you know there are a lot of germs. Then your phone may ring and you will touch it with your germ-covered hands. The germs will be transferred from your hands to the phone. And then when you start talking on the phone you will transfer the germs on your cheek and face as a whole.

This process happens in no time and this way you do not realize the effect is quite negative. If you cannot keep your phone clean all the time, then try to clean it daily at least. Every night before going to bed you could clean your phone with a wet wipe for electronics. This way you will diminish the chance of spreading more bacteria on your face.


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