Classic K-Pop Eyeliner for Chic Cat Eyes

Classic K-Pop Eyeliner for Chic Cat Eyes



It is true that there are a variety of eyeliner looks that you can try, experiment with and adore! In a world where beauty trends are unpredictable and constantly evolving, it’s nice to know a simple trick on how to create the ever famous cat eyeliner look.

This tutorial will explain how to achieve the k-pop eyeliner for chic cat eyes. The K-pop eyeliner is the perfect finish to any makeup that will definitely make your overall appearance more appealing and interesting. With a few products in hand and a couple of makeup tips, you can easily master the way to perfectly done k-pop eyeliner cat eye look.

Step 1: Take your liquid eyeliner and create a short stroke from the outer corner of your eye, directed to the end of your eyebrow. Apply gentle, short strokes to keep everything under control!

Step 2: Now, use the eyeliner to outline you upper waterline. Open your eyes to see how accurately you have applied the eyeliner. At this point, you can use a cotton swab to clean any imperfections.

Step 3: Make the eyeliner thicker starting from the outer corner and ending halfway through the lid. Thus, the eyeliner should be very thin at the inner corner of your lid.

Step 4: Outline 1/3 of the waterline using a black eye pencil.

Finally, fill in any spaces you may have left empty between your lower lash line and your wing. Refine any lines to make the eyeliner thicker. Last but certainly not least, apply mascara to highlight this amazing cat eye flick! Make sure you switch to a waterproof formula as it works best on lower lashes, preventing the color from smudging. One thing you need to remember after applying eyeliner is to curl your eyelashes for a fabulous makeup finish.


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