Christmas Manicure Ideas to Try out Now
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Christmas Manicure Ideas to Try out Now


The holiday that a lot of people love and cannot wait for, Christmas, is almost here which means that all the pretty ladies should be prepared to celebrate it in the best way possible. The good thing about this holiday is that it may work as an inspiration in our everyday and fashion lives. For example, one can wear silly red Christmas sweaters on that day of the year without feeling awkward.

Another way one can use is as an inspiration is to have, for example, a special Christmas manicure which will be quite appropriate on this day of the year. And that is what we have decided to show you today – interesting manicure ideas inspired by Christmas and Christmas symbols. Check them out!

#1 Red and Golden

The first suggestion for a Christmas manicure is simple and could be worn not only on this day of the year. At the same time it includes two of the traditional Christmas colors, red and golden. You can wear it to work without feeling awkward or uncomfortable, but actually be proud of your manicure.

What you need to do is to put red nail polish on your nails and once it is dry to add some golden glitter. Apply the glitter on your ring finger nails and a little bit on the tip of the rest of your nails. If you want to make this manicure even more Christmas-like, then you may add some green glitter as well on the same parts of your nails where you have applied the golden one. And this is it, your manicure is ready!

#2 Santa’s hat

The next idea is a typical one for the holiday. We have called it Santa’s hat because… well, you could guess why. What you will need for this manicure is red nail polish, white nail polish, and black nail polish. If you do not have black, do not worry, you will still be able to create the nail art.

Step 1
So, start by applying a base coat on your nails. Then paint the tips of your nails in red as if you will have red French manicure. Once the red is dry you could move on to creating the outlines of the hat. You will need the black color here.

Step 2
Start from the center of the red-colored part of your nail and go downwards as if you are going to create an inverted triangular. But instead of making the top angle pointy, draw it a little to the left to become less pointy. Then go upwards again to draw the right side of this “inverted triangular”. And leave it like this. Then fill in the non-colored part of this inverted triangular with red nail polish and let it dry.

Step 3
The last thing you need to do is to create the finishing touch to Santa’s hat. You will need the white color for this purpose. As you know Christmas hats have a white line, brim, and a white pomp pom on top. And this is what you need to draw. You could do the white brim in circular motions, or you could leave it in straight lines. As for the white pomp pom, you need to draw a white circle where the two black lines of the hat meet. And this is it. You may add some glitter, or simply leave it like that.

#3 Present Manicure

Last, but not least, we are going to tell you how to create a present manicure. We all know that on Christmas day we give other people presents. That is why this manicure idea is quite suitable for the holiday.

You can use different colors from the ones we are going to tell you, but only need to make sure they match and that the second color stands out compared to the first one. We have chosen red and white for the purpose, but you can use your imagination and try it with other colors.

Step 1
So, first you need to apply the base coat and then the main color, which in our case is the red one. Make sure that it is dry when you continue drawing the ribbons of the presents.

Step 2
Then get the white color and draw a straight horizontal line on the second and lower part of your nail. Make sure it is not too close to the very tip of it.

Step 3
Then draw a vertical line which needs to cross the first one. It should not be in the center of it, but closer to the left side of the nail. When the nail polish gets dry, draw a small ribbon where the two white lines meet.

And this is it. Your Christmas manicure is done!


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