Chic vs. Fashion

Chic vs. Fashion

Chic and fashion goes together when you consider yourself as a fashionista, but if you separate them, then you will turn into a hanger for expensive and beautiful clothes. The border having a personal style and copying certain outfits is really thin and often the clothing stores can’t help us decide exactly how to match two items. I think that being chic is a talent, which was given to you when you were born. Of course, there is a way to learn some tricks and rules, but the people who know you well, will notice immediately that there is something wrong with your outfit.

Being chic means that you know your body well and you are familiar with the different models of clothes and how they look when you put them on.

Being chic means that you know the trends and use them according to your style, not the other way around. I have seen girls who wear the trendiest colors and designs, but all in one, which makes them look like they just came out of the store and forget to undress the clothes she was trying on.

A chic woman is the one who pays attention to the details. The color of the year 2015 is the Marsala one, a chic woman will use it only on her lips (only if the color suits her skin complexion), and she will choose another color for her bag and shoes. She will make the insignificant looking lipstick be the master of the show.

She depends on the clothes that look great on her, which doesn’t necessarily mean that those clothes have to be the latest fashion.

She is classy, elegant and feminine. Her personal preferences are expressed with the clothes and the accessories she is wearing. She doesn’t obey the fashion rules, she creates the rules. The fashion trends only work as her inspiration, nothing more.

And her chic style is creating a statement. It is not the clothes that make her look better, it is she who makes the clothes look great. It is all about how she wears the clothes, her manners and attitude. You will recognize a chic woman without any hesitation when you see her in the street.

But the case with the woman who obeys only on the fashion rules and hasn’t created her personal style is a little bit different. Yes, she will be noticeable too, but not in the positive way. I think that the fashion must be used only as guidelines until you discover your true preferences, likes and dislikes. The fashion is like a dream, only notes on which you should write your book – a base, on which you should build your style. But, only when you stop at the point of wearing trendy stuff, then you lose yourself.

Be careful with those definitions and I hope you will soon find your personal style and express it with the fashion you love so much.

Have fun and stay classy!

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