Check out the Different Types of Natural Oils and How to Use Them
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Check out the Different Types of Natural Oils and How to Use Them


You have probably all heard of the benefits of natural oils. When you want to buy a kind of shampoo, a shop assistant may advise you to buy a certain product because it contains natural oils, or if you want to buy a soap, you can find out that the ones with natural oil extracts are more expensive than others.

But have you ever thought why natural oils are so good for you and your body and how your body reacts to them? Today we have prepared a list of some of the most famous natural oils and their benefits. This way you can use the ones that your body needs the most. Here they are!

Argan oil

If you have watched adds about products with argan oil, but you had no idea what its benefits are, then it is a good thing to read this. The argan oil comes from Morocco and it is also called “golden oil”. This is so because it has a lot of benefits. One of the main ones is that it nourishes your skin and hair.

There are a lot of shampoos with argan oil which are advertised as having healing effects and reduce the number of split hairs. The argan oil is also used in a lot of body creams because it helps heal cracked skin, even eczema and burns. So, you should definitely consider having such a cream at home.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil has also a lot of benefits and it has become quite popular lately. There are people who recommend cooking with coconut oil instead of olive oil, or sunflower seed oil, because it is much healthier. There are also a lot of women who use it as a makeup remover, or as an ingredient in their hair masks.

Coconut oil has so many benefits because it consists of protein, essential nutrients, fatty acids, and vitamin E. They are easily absorbed into the skin and do not leave a sticky feeling which makes coconut oil a perfect type of body cream.

Calendula oil

The next natural oil in our list is the calendula oil. It may not be as popular as the argan and coconut oils, but it surely has a lot of benefits as well. It is claimed to be a skin healer since it helps cure eczema and psoriasis. It also serves as a tonic because it helps clean one’s skin from different types of bacteria and can even cure acne. If you suffer from it, then it is recommended that you use face cream with calendula oil.

Jasmine oil

Jasmine is very popular with its nice smell, but this is not the only thing it can provide you with. Lately, it has become popular among people with its hydrating effect. If you have overly dry skin and you want a product that can help you hydrate your skin fast, then you are definitely in some need of jasmine oil. There are some experts who claim that jasmine oil can help get rid of scars and stretch marks. Of course, this means that one should use jasmine oil regularly if they want this to work.

Jojoba oil

If you still do not know which of the natural oils to use, then you can try with the rule “when in doubt, stick to jojoba”. It contains almost all the vitamins and minerals for healthy skin and hair and it is no wonder that it is one of the most widespread natural oils all over the world since it is one of the oldest recipes for preserving natural beauty.

Chia seed oil

Chia seeds are very popular among the people who want to lead a healthy lifestyle and to take care of their bodies the best way possible. It turns out, though, that chia seeds are not only good when they are consummated, but they also have special benefits when used on the outside.

In other words, chia seed oil is very good for your skin. It helps nourish it no matter how dry it is. That is why experts recommend it to people with cracked feet, or people with dry skin to use it in the winter especially. It also contains high level of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.

Macadamia oil

If you have used products with macadamia oil but had no idea what it is good for, now you will find out. In fact, macadamia oil has a soothing effect and helps with itchiness and inflammation, but you still can find a lot of hair products and body creams. This is because it is known to be a high moisturizer as well. It can help you reduce the split ends on your hair.

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