The Worst Travel Habits We Have But It Is Okay

You prefer Starbucks, rather then local coffee shops Let’s be honest, we all love out Starbucks. We know out drink and we like the whip cream on top and the fact that our name appears on out cup. It is like having a friend somewhere you know no one. If I have to be honest drinking Starbucks in Italy is ... Read More »

7 Things Every Couple Needs to Try This Summer

Skinny-Dipping It is one of those vulnerable feelings that make you at the same time nervous and free. Not knowing if you will get caught and actually having the freedom of being naked in water that is not your own bath is so fulfilling that you won’t believe it until you experience it. Going somewhere to a lake or to ... Read More »

The Most Amazing Private Islands Around the World

Nikoi Island The truth is that Nikoi island is located quite close to Singapore – under 100km from there. The island is just a piece of paradise – as you would imagine a private island will be. It has some of the most beautiful beaches with white sand and amazing coral reefs. Let’s not forget that the reefs are colorful ... Read More »

How To Make Your Boyfriend Spend More Time With You

In general, women are more loving and caring. When they are in love, they could spend all of their time thinking or being with the man they love. With men, it is a little bit different. It is true that they also fall in love, but they are just not so much into these nice things, showing their emotions. A ... Read More »

The Best Barging Routes in Europe

Europe is the oldest continent. And as the old one it is the one that for me personally holds the most secrets inside itself. There are, the bigger and famous cities that everyone wants to go and visit. There are smaller towns which are becoming popular destinations. And there are yet many places and even countries that no one knows ... Read More »

The Most Underrated European Cities

Europe has some special cities, famous all around the world. Talk London, talk Paris, talking Milan or Berlin or Barcelona. All those places, of course, are famous for a reason – their cultural and architectural impact and history. Some places are known for their romantics. Other for their night life. There are places for shopping, for swimming, for eating – ... Read More »

Here Is What You Need To Know Before You Travel Alone

Traveling is my favorite thing to do. There is nothing more exciting than booking a plane or train ticket, buying that city guide, finding an AirBnb or even researching online. Then the packing comes and I know I love that too. Although many people dread it despite of loving to travel, I don’t. I find it quite fun and giving ... Read More »

People Who Love the Beach Know How to Live

There are some people who are in love with the beach, the sea and all that it gives you. And if you are one of those people, you will know what I am talking about. It is just that chilliness and emotion you get once you are at the beach. The first glance of the sea for the year changes ... Read More »

How to Track Travel Deals

Make a wish list For people who always want to travel this is a must. You should first have your destinations lusts sorted out. This will make it easier for you to know what to search for. It is a great idea to add a maximum budget for every destination you want to attend. You should do a research when ... Read More »