The Most Useful Solo Traveler Tips

More and more people all over the world prefer to travel alone than with somebody else. Sharing the experience with a friend or relative could be exciting, but solo traveling is just as good. In fact, if you are alone during the trip, you may really enjoy every minute. They can really pay attention to the surrounding and to the ... Read More »

Top Things You Should See When in Iceland

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Iceland? Is it only ice and snow, or is it the minus temperatures, which will make you not want to go there? And who knows, maybe it is the idea of the fair people that would come to your mind first. If these are the only ... Read More »

How to Travel the World for Less Money

Travelling is one of the most exciting and at the same time relaxing activities anyone can try. However, it is not the cheapest activity. If you do not have enough money you cannot go on plane and see beautiful places that are on the other part of the world. And if we have to be honest, money is the biggest ... Read More »

Top Things You Should Do in Jamaica

Jamaica is an amazing tourist destination and that is why million people from all over the world go there each year. However, some of these people go there without checking important and interesting things about this country. It is not only necessary to know what the currency is and where exactly to buy souvenirs for family and friends. A lot ... Read More »

The Best Travel Destinations for Single Ladies

When most people think about traveling, they hardly imagine going on vacation alone. People keep thinking that traveling should be shared with one’s partner. And what if you are single? You should not go on vacation and sit and wait until true love finds you? Well, if there are people who are willing to wait, we are not. And that ... Read More »

How to Eat Healthy While Traveling

When people are planning their vacations, one of the last things they would think about is what kind of food they will eat in that new place. It is not only whether they will like the traditional food in that place, but whether it is going to be healthy. And since they cannot cook there, which is also a bit ... Read More »

Best Winter Destinations around the World

Winter is almost here, but the fact that it is already December and the Christmas holidays are knocking at our door make us impatient about this time of the year. Since these days of the year are dedicated on spending time with the family, and not working, many people decide to go somewhere on holiday with their families. And even ... Read More »

The Worst Travel Habits We Have But It Is Okay

You prefer Starbucks, rather then local coffee shops Let’s be honest, we all love out Starbucks. We know out drink and we like the whip cream on top and the fact that our name appears on out cup. It is like having a friend somewhere you know no one. If I have to be honest drinking Starbucks in Italy is ... Read More »

7 Things Every Couple Needs to Try This Summer

Skinny-Dipping It is one of those vulnerable feelings that make you at the same time nervous and free. Not knowing if you will get caught and actually having the freedom of being naked in water that is not your own bath is so fulfilling that you won’t believe it until you experience it. Going somewhere to a lake or to ... Read More »

The Most Amazing Private Islands Around the World

Nikoi Island The truth is that Nikoi island is located quite close to Singapore – under 100km from there. The island is just a piece of paradise – as you would imagine a private island will be. It has some of the most beautiful beaches with white sand and amazing coral reefs. Let’s not forget that the reefs are colorful ... Read More »