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The Best Christmas Cookies

December is here and we cannot stop thinking about the Christmas holidays that are soon coming. All the presents, all the joy and Christmas spirit, all the lights, these are just part of the things we cannot wait for. And yet, we should not forget one important thing about the Christmas holidays – the delicious meals. The whole family gathers ... Read More »

Get Ready For NYE Party

You only one month to get ready for the biggest party of the year- New Year’s Eve. I know that some of you will host a party that night and that’s the topic of this article – I will show you how to get ready for a New Year’s Eve Party at home. You have to plan the whole preparation, ... Read More »

The Way You Eat Pizza Reveals Your Personality

You have probably heard about a lot of personality quizzes that can reveal something about you only considering the way you eat. One of the most famous “personality eating quizzes” is the one with ice-cream. But you have probably not heard that there is a quiz with pizza. You may think that there is nothing special about it and that ... Read More »

Here is What Healthy Eaters Order in Fast Food Restaurants

The place where you usually get burger and fries No matter what we say, we all love them. Especially the fries. They are one of the guiltiest pleasures of the world. And although people try to resent them, they often order them. Other than that people like burgers too. Research has proven that they are addictive. So if you can’t ... Read More »

Homemade Chocolate Recipe

Ah, chocolate… probably the sweetest and most loved dessert all over the world. If a person mentions you that they do not like chocolate, you will just not believe your ears. It is like if somebody tells you that they do not like French fries. It is like a shock. There are foods that everybody just have to love. Well, ... Read More »

Brunch Ideas to Brighten Your Table

Rye and Labneh Toast Okay, I know that toasts are quite typical for brunches and people eat them often. And on first look you will say that it is something way too simple. But believe me those toast are first of all beautiful and then delicious. If you wanted to upload some food porn on Instagram, this is something that ... Read More »

The Burgers of This Summer

The summer is not really the season of burgers. At least in my mind. Because it is too hot and burgers seem to be too greasy at times. But if you really want to commit there are burgers you can make at home for yourself and probably at a garden party and enjoy, because they will be amazingly delicious. The ... Read More »

Avocado Recipes For Everyone

Avocados are one of those things you either love or hate. Avocados can be put in salads or eaten raw. But the truth is that raw avocado can really be awful. In salads they are delicious for me. But for many people it is absurd to eat them. The avocado is a food that is not a seasoned one. Yes ... Read More »