How to Wear a Scarf in the Spring

Many people like spring more than any other season. This is because the nature revives, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and everything seems to be better, including fashion. The less clothes we wear, the bigger it is the opportunity to experiment with our styling and to feel great in our skin. One of the reasons I personally ... Read More »

Which are This Summer’s Top Sunglasses Trends

Even though we still like the sunglasses trends from the previous year, we have to admit that a little change would not hurt anybody, especially if you know which this summer’s sunglasses trends are. It is better to be prepared for the trends and find out which your favorite type of sunglasses is before the summer has come. Which sunglasses ... Read More »

6 Fashion Rules to Break This Year

There are so many fashion rules that you cannot probably remember all of them. However, not all of these rules are up-to-date. A huge part are old-fashioned. That is because, as you know, fashion changes not only every year, but also every season. Which means that rules change as well. That is why we have decided to show you 6 ... Read More »

Trendy Shoes to Wear This Spring

A lot of women cannot wait for the warm spring days, so they can put away their boots and make room for all the cute spring shoes. In the winter a lot of women stick to one or two pairs of shoes, in the spring they just let go and begin collecting all kinds of shoes, flats, sneakers, trainers, high ... Read More »

Fashion Mistakes Short Women Should Stop Making

There is a new fashion trend every season. Sometimes it is about a certain color, while in other times it is about a fashion piece. We all want to be fashionable, there is no doubt about it, however, not all fashionable clothing pieces will look good on every woman. That is why today we have decided to list some of ... Read More »

4 Fashion Mistakes You Should Stop Making

Check the clothes in your wardrobe. Do you wear them all, or are there any clothes you have bought just because you were in a hurry and you grabbed something you thought it would look good on you? Once you got home, though, the picture is different – the item did not only suit you, but it did not fit ... Read More »

Which are This Year’s Spring Colors

Spring is finally here and so are the fashion spring trends. Which means that it is time to put your winter clothes in the back of your wardrobe and make some room for the fresh and colorful spring clothes you will be wearing this season. And speaking of colors, we have decided to take a look in the fashion magazines ... Read More »

4 Fashion Outfits That Will Save You in Extreme Situations

Fashion is great, because it does not only give you a chance to express yourself, but it offers so many variations that it is impossible not to find something fashionable for your taste. Fashion can also save you in some sticky situations. If you have spilled some coffee all over your white shirt, for example, you can cover it up ... Read More »

Which is The Perfect Bra Type for Your Breasts

Women’s breasts could be one of the topics thoroughly discussed by both men and women, but they are still a taboo topic in a lot of countries. Unfortunately, this is why a lot of women do not know much about their breast, nor the fact that they should examine them regularly. So, no matter whether breasts are a taboo subject ... Read More »