3Fashion Ideas for Wearing a Simple White T-shirt

  There are many people who think that simple fashion items cannot be chic, so they just wear these clothes at home. This, of course, is not entirely true. Fashion is something that a person should have fun with. There are never strict rules and the great thing is that fashion changes constantly. In fact, one could think that some ... Read More »

7 Useful Clothes Hacks You Wish You Had Known Before

  Have you ever stained one of your favorite dresses and thought that you are never going to wear it again? It has happened probably to all of us a lot of times, however, this does not mean that we cannot fix the problem. In fact, there are certain clothes hacks that can help you get out of some sticky ... Read More »

7 Tips about Applying White Eye Pencil

  30 years ago if you had asked most people about what kind of eye pencil they used, you would have been most likely to be answered “black” – the way it is today. However, back in the past, people hardly used any other colors for eye pencils unlike today. Today white eye pencil is quite common as well and ... Read More »

How to Dress According to Your Body Shape

  There are a lot of women who find it hard to choose the outfits that will suit their bodies the best. This is mainly because they do not know what their body shape is. For example, have you ever seen a friend of yours wearing a gorgeous dress that you want to try, but it just does not look ... Read More »

DIY Cropped Top for The Summer

Summer is the time when we can experience the most with our style. This is because of the nice warm weather which allows us to try new things and get a little wild with them. And since we should protect the environment, then why do not we combine these two things and make a new one – a cropped top ... Read More »

Bridal Makeup Tips and Ideas

  Summer is not only the season when most people go on their annual vacations. This is also the season when a lot of people decide to get married. The weather is great and it is the best time to throw a party for one of the most important decisions in one’s life. However, the hot weather is not that ... Read More »

4 Cool Hairstyles for the Summer

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6 Types of Women’sShoes men Hate

There are a lot of things which women think that men do not notice about them, like their new haircut, or their new dress. However, this is not always true. For example, there are certain types of hairstyles that men do not like and if they see their girlfriend with such one, they would definitely will not be thrilled. The ... Read More »

How to Avoid Impulsive Purchases

We all know that shopping is great. It can relief pressure, it can make you feel good about your new items, and it can actually burn calories when shopping around. However, a lot of shopping is not good for your budget. There are some important items you need to have, like a pair of good winter boots, or a warm ... Read More »