5 Ways To Get Used To Wearing High Heels

Some women walk in high heels so effortlessly that you may start wondering how they do it, were they born with high heels? Nobody is born with abilities no matter what they are. Babies learn how to talk and how to walk. As they get older they learn a lot of different things, no matter if they are worth learning ... Read More »

Black Can Be Summer Color Too

There is an unwritten rule that we have to wear black during the winter and bright color during the summer. Well, I want to wear a yellow coat when it is snowy and black vest when it is shiny. I have noticed that girls don’t obey to trends so passionately as they did before. The new trend is to create ... Read More »

How to Choose the Perfect Watch

Watches nowadays are much more than gadgets that tell the time, they are fashion accessories. There are so many kinds of watches that you have the absolute freedom to choose whatever kind of watch you want for yourself. But when it comes to giving a watch as a present then you have to be very careful what to choose. You ... Read More »

5 Fashion Trends You Would Love to Wear This Year

When it comes to fashion, every single person on the planet should have their own style, but that does not mean that you should not pay attention to the fashion trends which are renewed every year. You probably wonder what it is like millions of people around the world to be wearing your clothes, and you to be their inspiration ... Read More »

Top Prom Dress Trends This Year

Spring is here and so are the upcoming proms. This is an important moment for every young girl, because she has the right not only to loosen up after all the exams and stress at school, but also to choose a dress that will make her feel really special and beautiful. The good news is that each year there are ... Read More »

How to Wear Colorful Clothes Without Looking Childish

Spring is here and so are the new fashion tendencies. Since this season is a symbol of rebirth and new beginnings, you should try to be more colorful than usual. Many people, however, consider colorful clothes to be too much childish for them. This tendency was popular many years ago and it is somewhat stereotypical. Well, it is about time ... Read More »

Chic vs. Fashion

Chic and fashion goes together when you consider yourself as a fashionista, but if you separate them, then you will turn into a hanger for expensive and beautiful clothes. The border having a personal style and copying certain outfits is really thin and often the clothing stores can’t help us decide exactly how to match two items. I think that ... Read More »

Make Some Room For The New Trends

Every girl is prepared for the Spring with her clothing wish list, but there is a problem that will stumble you: the lack of space in your wardrobe, because it can’t handle another piece of clothing. That’s why you should clean it up and help it breathe, and prepare for the new fashion wave – the Spring/Summer Trends for 2015. ... Read More »