Elegant Hairstyle Just For You

Unfortunately, when you try to copy a hairstyle that you saw on your friend, not always look the same way as the design on your friend’s hairstyle. This happens because the shape, the type, the length and the texture of the hair is different from your friend’s hair. So, my tip is to copy the texture of the hair first ... Read More »

How To Do The Morning Blow Out In Less Than 5 Minutes

The procedure of doing your own blow out is tricky business, but when you learn the basic rules and the must-do steps, you will have no trouble at all, and which is most important – you will look great every single time. So, check out the steps and try to follow them strictly if you want to achieve flawless results. ... Read More »

Delicious Design For Your Nails

How to decorate colors with a summer design: Start by shaping the nails. The best shape for this nail decoration is the oval one, because the details are oval and they will look better on round shaped nail bed. When you finish the shaping step, you need to take care of the hands and the skin around the nails, mostly ... Read More »

Get Ready For The Beach With This Simple Hair Trick

The summer is the season for vacations. The school is off, the tasks at work are fewer and the mood is calm and joyful. Your only responsibility during your vacation is to find a way to look great in the pictures and simply for your personal self-esteem and satisfaction. I will try to help you achieve this state of mind ... Read More »

How To Flatter Blue Eyes With Makeup

If you were born with bright colored eyes, you must take advantage of this benefit and flatter those gorgeous eyes with proper makeup design. The tutorial down below is all about the blue eyes and it contains all kinds of the tips and tricks for flattering blue eyes. Take a look: Prepare the lids with primer. Then apply neutral shadow ... Read More »

Nail Decoration For Long Nails

If you have long nails, you must take advantage of this length by creating beautiful nail decoration. Take a look at my idea down below: First, file the nails in order to create an equal shape and length for all of them. You have to create the square shape of the nail bed, because you will have to make an ... Read More »

The Balloon Manicure

Manicures are one of the constant accessories any woman has. There are many blogs that show us different manicure trends. And there is always something new and unexpected. Since it is summer nail colors usually are bright or pastel. Of if you are into darks you would probably still have something floral or adjust it so that summer is read ... Read More »

How To Get The 60s Look with One Simple Hairstyle

As you can guess, there is a tutorial, which will show you every single step of the whole preparation of the hairstyle. And here we go: You should prevent any future disasters, caused by the oily roots. So, check the roots and if they are greasy, apply dry shampoo. Spritz the shampoo all over the roots, rub with fingers, wait ... Read More »

How To Bring To Life Pale Brows

The only (cheap and easy) way to bring your pale eyebrows back to life is to shape them and color them with the right techniques and the right colors. Shaping and filling your brows is an important step for your face, because the brows are playing the role of a frame for the whole face. I know is sounds like ... Read More »

How Professionals Do It: Painting Nails

Today I want to show you how to paint your nails into a perfect way. I know it sounds simple and boring, but my job is to search for different nail decorations and more often I happen to see how unfinished the girls’ nails are. There are stains all around the nails, the nail polish is full of bubbles and ... Read More »