Natural Looking Curls In No Time

It is not uncommon for a woman to take care of the way she looks. There are some women who wake up an hour or two earlier just to have enough time to get their hair done. For example, to make her hair curly, a woman needs about an hour, an hour taken from her morning sleep. But why to ... Read More »

How To Remove Acrylic Nails Easily

Having nice long manicure is a dream that a lot of women have. It is just in women’s nature to take care of the way they look. And when nature does not give them something that will make them beautiful, they get it in another way. If their nails are not strong and long enough to have a nice manicure, ... Read More »

Bubble Bun in Less Than 5 Minutes

There are some days when you are in a good mood. You wake up and see the beautiful sun outside, and you are just in such a bubbly mood that you want to express it through your daily styling. But wait, since your mood is bubbly, then what better style to choose for you than a bubbly hairstyle? We have ... Read More »

The Best Makeup Hacks for Perfect Look

Everybody has probably seen girls on the street with flawless makeup, and others with one that is far from perfect. Sometimes the makeup mistakes are not because of the makeup techniques that were not quite right, but because of the weather conditions – the bright sun or the rain can definitely ruin your makeup. And that is why all the ... Read More »

Heatless Halo Curls

Curls are beautiful. And girl with straight hair especially love them. We always try to achieve them. And usually we do that with heat styling tools. This can damage the hair and also not every time we can achieve the perfect curl. For this you will need an old T-shirt you don’t need anymore, an elastic and quite a few ... Read More »

The Different Ombre Lips – Purple Edition

The ombre trend was a huge hit last year in the hairstyles. This year, even if less women count on this particular hairstyle ombre is still not forgotten. It has only moved from the hair trends to the nail and lip trends. And what exactly does “ombre lip trend” mean? It means that some part of the lips is lighter ... Read More »

What Eyeshadow Color Suits Your Eye Color the Most

Whatever your eye color is, you should know that your eye are beautiful. There is just not a single eye color in the world that is not gorgeous. Some people who have brown eyes, for example, are so much in love with the blue eyes that they do not hesitate to change their eye color. But if nature has decided ... Read More »

Bronzed Bedroom Eyes

Start out on a bare eye. Grab a pencil that is a color between brownish and goldish. Draw a thick line on your lid, as close to the lashline as possible. Start at the inner corner and work your way to the outer by thickening the line. After you are done with step one on both eyes, don’t leave the ... Read More »