How To Hide Tired Look With Eye Makeup

Everyone has a period in their life when the schedule is too busy and the time is too little. These stressful moments leave marks – lack of concentration, messy hair, gaining or losing weight, dark circles under the eyes, etc. The first thing you should do is to try to relax and to take a rest. But if you have ... Read More »

The Golden Foil Effect

Today I want to show you my favorite nail art – The Golden Foil Effect. It looks like a reverse french mani, because the decoration is at the moon area of the nail, not at the tip. Also, the effect is created with material which is not traditional for the manicure decorations – thin colorful foil, a golden one! Take ... Read More »

Makeup Tutorial + Eyebrows Coloring Tips

If you sit and wonder what kind of makeup to apply for tonight’s party, you have come to the right place: As you can guess, you have to start with a primer, because this is the only way to guarantee a long lasting makeup. The primer will hold the eyeshadows right where you have put them. So, make sure you ... Read More »

Trick For Voluminous Ponytail

As women, we have one huge problem – we always want to look perfect: no messy hair, beautiful skin, flawless makeup, fit body, juicy lips, etc. I hope you realize that our low self-esteem gives millions of dollars to the beauty industry, but the sad part is that it will never gonna stop. We will fall for marketing tricks and ... Read More »

The Perfect Eyeliner Application Technique

I am a 23 yo girl and I put makeup on my face since I was 15, but I know how to apply makeup long before, because I was watching my mom do it. My point is that I have a problem – I still can’t apply a perfect eyeliner without ‘third wheel’. I need tools to help me draw ... Read More »

Easy Solution For Messy Nails

The beauty industry works day and night without a break on different designs, products and techniques in order to help all the women in the world (and some men, I don’t judge) boost up their self-esteem. But some products and techniques have deeper meaning, they help us apply our makeup better and faster, which saves time that can be used ... Read More »

Marble Nail Art

I bet that this gorgeous nail art will become one of your favorite manicure designs. Every nail art requires a few prep-steps. Here they are: As you know, the shape of the nails must be even and appropriate for the particular nail art. This nail art will look good on the square shape and the oval shape – both of ... Read More »

Types of Eyes And How Put Eyeliner On Them

We will start with the easy shape – almond eyes. This shape of eye can handle almost every type of makeup design, because of its symmetrical lines. I won’t even give you any type tip on how to put the eyeliner, because there is no point – whatever you put, the almond eyes will look amazing. Next shape – round ... Read More »

One Color – Double Effect Manicure

Every beautiful nail art requires good preparation of the nails. Imagine this picture: gorgeous nail decoration, wrapped around with dry cuticles, dry skin and skin cracks. This is could happen to you if you don’t take proper care of the nails before the application of the nail polishes. The nail file and the nail polish remover can dry out the ... Read More »

Clever Trick For Voluminous Ponytail

As a beautiful girl, you should learn how to master different designs in order to increase the level of your skills. And the learning process requires a lot of practice until you reach the desired result. You should start with little things, like: The wing of the eyeliner; The french manicure; The volume of the ponytail. Today I want to ... Read More »