Artistic Make Up or Something Amazing?

Halloween is just around the corner. I am in love with this celebrations. And not because of anything else, but more so because I like the idea of being someone or even something else for one night, without anyone judging me or whatever. You can do any make up on your face, wear any clothes and even act a way ... Read More »

DIY Trick For Kohl Pencil

Some makeup designs look better with smudged eyeliner. The easiest way to create a smudged line is to use a kohl pencil. Imagine this scenario: You are on a vacation with your friends at some place nice. You all want to rock some club at this vacation place, which means that you will have to get ready – makeup, hair ... Read More »

Gradient Color For Juicy Lips

Many girls like pink colors. The great thing about colors is that one main color has many different hues and you can choose the one that suits your likes the most. For instance, not all red tones look good on all skin complexions. It is true that there is a red lipstick for every girl, it only has to be ... Read More »

Trick For Flawless Smoky Flick

Let’s focus on the eyes for now. Today I want to show you a beautiful design for your eyes. It is delicate, smoky and sassy. Check out the steps and follow them one by one if you want to achieve this result: I recommend you to take a look at your brows first. If they are too thin, too pale ... Read More »

Easy Trick For Natural Waves

We all know how annoying it is to want one thing and to get the opposite instead. I’m talking about your hair. Every girl who has naturally straight hair wants it to be curly and wavy, and the other way around – every girl who has curly hair wants to wake up, look in the mirror and see a perfectly ... Read More »

Check out The 3 Main Curling Techniques You Need to Know

No matter whether you have naturally straight hair or curly one, you would want from time to time to change your hairstyle. From curly to make it straight, or from straight to make it curly. Of course, you have probably heard that heating is an arch enemy to the health of your hair. In other words, the hair gets weaker ... Read More »

How To Be Elegant In 3 Steps

Step One Behave like a person who has a lot of secrets. Talk less and listen more. This way you will look smarter. Remember this. If your manners are balanced, you will look like a true lady. Step Two You should talk properly. Read a lot and think twice before you speak. Learn how to pronounce the words properly. Step ... Read More »

Smoky Makeup Decoration

Every girl needs good ideas for her look when she wants to attend a party. Let me show you today one great idea for a makeup design, which is perfect for non-casual look, which is the party look of course. Take a look at the steps of the tutorial: Prepare the lid first. The needed product for this first step ... Read More »

How to Spot the Fake Mascara

Replica stuff is quite popular these days. The same goes for knock offs and fakes. And if you are buying a bag that would be fine – like if it is made okay and you know that you are going for a knock off, it doesn’t matter. Of course for people in the fashion industry it will be quite obvious ... Read More »

Formal Infinity Chignon

This hairstyle needs a good preparation. The hair must be smooth and straight. You can achieve this texture with a flat iron and smoothing mousse. The infinity chignon requires volume, which means that roots must be clean, otherwise (if they are greasy) the volume won’t hold even 10 minutes after the hair is tied into a ponytail. So, check the ... Read More »