Chignon: Simple But Elegant

Every occasion requires proper look. Some occasions don’t require fancy look, but others do, that’s why you must choose the right design to match your look with the event. Today I want to show you how to create an elegant chignon. Don’t worry about your skills, the technique is extremely easy and you will handle it all by yourself. Take ... Read More »

How To: Blue Night Makeup Design

When the night comes, and the mood rise, you must do one simple thing: get ready for the party while listening loud music at home. This is the best way to boost up your mood even more. And when you see the makeup design down below, you will feel the need to go out and dance the night away while ... Read More »

Simple Idea For Beautiful Hairstyle

Every hairstyle need good preparation. You should start with the step that will create the proper texture of the hair for the particular hairstyle. For this hairstyle you must create curly ends and fluffy top. You will need both curling iron and flat iron in order to achieve the wanted texture. First, apply thermal protector all over the hair. This ... Read More »

How To Choose The Best Lipstick For Your Skin Tone

Have you ever really think about how you choose your lip color? What most women do when they choose a lipstick is to get the one that it appeals them the most. And even if they like how it looks it sometimes just do not look so good on their lips. And they have just spent their money in vain, ... Read More »

Liner Trick For Bigger Looking Eyes

Many girls have one, seemingly insignificant, but definitely annoying problem – they have small eyes. This problem is not noticeable when the eyes are not covered with makeup, but if you put some kind of dark colors on your eyes they will shrink immediately. So, my idea is to show you how to apply black liner without shrinking the size ... Read More »

Easy Trick For Heatless Curls

Which is the worst enemy of the healthy and strong hair? The heat! Heating tools like a flat iron, curling iron and others (for instance hair dryer), can ruin your hair for sure. The heat destroys the top layer of the hair, which leads to damage of the hair follicles, which are responsible for the strong and thick texture of ... Read More »

How To Color Your Brows With Henna

We all know how trendy it is to have sharp and bold eyebrows. But some girls are obligated to color their brows, not because of a trend, but because of their lack of hairs on the eyebrows area. Today I want to show you how to create a long-lasting effect of colored brows with henna. Take a look at the ... Read More »

How To Create a Fancy Look of Your Makeup

If you are a working girl, you know the struggle of choosing the right office outfit, which can be used for a party look as well, because you don’t have enough time between the end of the work day and the beginning of the party to change your clothes, your hairstyle and your makeup. Some of the days, you will ... Read More »

How To Apply Red Lipstick

The application of red lipstick is an art. You must learn how to apply red lipstick, because this color is the one that will bring the sexy look of your lips. If you think that you don’t look beautiful with red lipstick, you just haven’t find the right shade for your skin complexion. Keep searching and you will find the ... Read More »

Easy Trick For Brown Smoky Lids

There are many techniques for applying makeup, but some of them are more efficient than others. For instance, there is one extremely simple trick for applying smoky makeup. It doesn’t look as professional as the traditional technique for smoky design, but it will work for casual events and meetings, because this trick will cost you only a few minutes, while ... Read More »