You Will Fall In Love With This Hairstyle

 The summer brings different trends and styles for your look. There is one hairstyle that is the perfect for a summer look and it will flatter you if your hair is long – meet the braided headband. This hairstyle is all about the texture of the hair, which means that you will have to pay more attention to the texture in order ... Read More »

Hair Accessories For Fancy Occasions

You have to power to make your hair look extremely sophisticated only with one single tool – the hair accessory. Some hairstyles are complex and sophisticated by themselves, they don’t need any accessories, but the simple and classy hairstyles can handle the hair accessories. Your main job is to match the accessory properly with your hairstyle, with the outfit and ... Read More »

Trendy Look For Your Nails

Why is this nail art trendy? Two reasons: the colors and the design. The Pantone palette of the trendiest colors for the 2015 year have been released long ago and it is full of pastel and foggy colors. Such colors are used for this nail art. The design. It is geometric, which is a trendy pattern for clothes, accessories and ... Read More »

Bright & Sunny Nail Art

You can’t apply this decoration if the nails aren’t ready for the art. This is how to prepare the nails properly for this decoration: If the background is ugly, then the whole look of the nails will be ruined. So, make the skin around the nails pretty with cuticle oil, hand scrub and moisturizer.  Firstly, soften the skin with the ... Read More »

Fancy Detail For Long Hair

If you have long hair and you wonder how to stylize it today, you have come to the right place, in the right time, because I’m in a great mood to talk about long hairs. If you have long hair, you know the struggle when the hot days of the summer come: the hair is all over your body and ... Read More »

Trend Pattern For Your Nails  

Step 1 Prepare the nails for the nail art with a hand scrub and nail file. First, file the nails into the desired shape. The perfect one for this nail art is the semi-square shape – it is a mix between the square and the oval nail shape. Then apply cuticle oil in order to soften the skin around the ... Read More »

Heat Rescue Hairstyle

The summer is here and the heat with it, which means that you will search for different solutions to save yourself  from the heat. One of the biggest problems during the hot days is your long and thick hair. If you wear it released, it will suffocate the skin of your back and you will feel like you are trapped in ... Read More »

Trendy Ombre For The Beach

Today I’m in a great mood for nail art. Let me show you how to prepare a perfect ombre nail art. But first, let’s choose the colors. This nail art is inspired by the ocean and the sand. The colors are bright blue and greenish and the tips are sparkly, like the sand sparkle close to the water. But before ... Read More »

Romantic Look With This Hairstyle

I love braids. You can make different hairstyle and different details only with a few braids. And the great part is there are many types of braids. But today I want to show you how the most regular and simple braids can create an incredible romantic hairstyle. All you have to do is to prepare the hair for the hairstyle. ... Read More »