Lovely Braided Crown Hairstyle

    We’re always secretly jealous of those girls with a cute braided hairstyle we see out in the street, but we somehow end up opting for a quick ponytail look instead. That is, until now! With practice, the braided crown hairstyle can take all of 5 to 10 minutes. Yet, some beginners find it super difficult and tricky to ... Read More »

How to Avoid Smudged Nails

    No matter how long you wait, your nail polish never seems to be completely dry. It is really annoying to find out that you’ve spent several hours creating the perfect nail art and then suddenly it’s wiped off, chipped or ruined. You don’t need to be a professional manicurist to do a great job painting your nails, but ... Read More »

How to Fake Full Lips in Four Easy Steps

    While having the look of big lips never really went out of style, the pressure was always on those girls who needed to fake it until they make it. While we think you’re cute just the way you are, we know that you have always dreamt of big, alluring lips. Skip the expensive volume glosses and use a ... Read More »

Classic Smoky Eye Tutorial

    Before applying any makeup on, creating a flawless base that brightens and enhances your final overall look is an essential first step that shouldn’t be missed. Choose the right shade of primer for your skin type and apply it to your eyelid. Wait a couple of minutes until the primer absorbs. Step 1: With the help of a ... Read More »

DYI Cute Candy Nail Art

  Decorating your nails by yourself is a great way to spend your lazy Sunday afternoon having fun playing with different nail polishes and trendy colours. From glittery nail art designs to funky French tip manicures, the possibilities are endless. This tutorial is all about the cute candy nail design that you can achieve in 6 simple steps. With long ... Read More »

Dutch Braid Hair Tuck

  If you are looking for a unique hairstyle which is ideal for both casual events and special occasions at the same time, consider your search over! This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to create the Dutch braid hair tuck look in no time. All you need is a comb, firm-hold hairspray and several bobby pins. Now, scroll down ... Read More »

Brow Shaping Tips and Tricks

  If your eyebrows are sparse or simply have disadvantageous shape, this step-by-step tutorial will show you how to fill in your brows like a pro! All you need to achieve this looks is a brow pencil, makeup brushes, light foundation, powder and a clean mascara brush. Step 1: Begin by brushing your brow hairs upward with an eyebrow grooming ... Read More »

The Messy Bun – Perfect for Girls with Curly Hair

  Despite the fact that many girls dream of beautiful, bouncy curls, those who actually have natural curls claim that no matter how many times they moisturize their hair and detangle it, the ends somehow always get tangled after a few minutes. Even though you may not be the biggest fan of your curls, and occasionally have the urge to ... Read More »

How to Create Winged Eyeliner

  Applying winged eyeliner can be very tricky, especially if you are a beginner at applying makeup. Not to worry! With the help of proper makeup supplies and several beauty tips in mind, you can master the ideal eyeliner look in no time! Step 1: To determine the ideal angle of your wing, simply line your eyeliner from the outer ... Read More »

How to Get Casual Waves

    If the almighty hair care gods didn’t grant you naturally curly hair, there is a simple solution to your problem. This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to get casual waves! Next time you are looking for a new, fun beachy hairstyle, pull out your curling iron and get this amazing look in no time! Step 1: Blow ... Read More »