Soft Eye Makeup to Compliment Your Eyeliner

    The secret to always looking your best is to know how to accent your best features. Starting from your eyes, you should follow the proper tricks and use the correct makeup tools to enhance the richness and complexity of your eye colour. This tutorial will explain how to apply soft makeup to your own advantage! You’ll definitely love ... Read More »

Top Things You Are Doing Wrong Without Even Realizing

  There are numerous things we do every day that just become part of our routine. We do them so often that we may not even consider that we may be doing them incorrectly. This is why we have prepared this article – to introduce you to the top things you are probably doing wrong without even realizing it. Now ... Read More »

Red Lip Contouring Tutorial

  Balance and beautify your lips with the new red lip contouring trick to address flat lips, thin lips, wide or narrow mouth, or uneven shape. Kiss thin, undefined lips goodbye with this step-by-step tutorial! It’s no secret that the makeup world is pretty obsessed with contouring. Step 1: It is very important to prepare and moisturise your lips. Dry ... Read More »

Gorgeous Bun Hairstyle for Beginners

  This gorgeous bun hairstyle is so trendy right now! It may look complicated but if you follow the steps one at a time, you will find it totally doable. That’s why this tutorial is designed in a way to suit both professionals and those who have no idea what are doing with their hair in front of the mirror. You will ... Read More »

Classic K-Pop Eyeliner for Chic Cat Eyes

    It is true that there are a variety of eyeliner looks that you can try, experiment with and adore! In a world where beauty trends are unpredictable and constantly evolving, it’s nice to know a simple trick on how to create the ever famous cat eyeliner look. This tutorial will explain how to achieve the k-pop eyeliner for ... Read More »

Create a Pretty Big Mohawk

  The pretty big Mohawk is here! The end result looks so feminine, effortless, yet adds something special to your overall look. The Mohawk is currently a hit, once you get the hang of it, it is super easy to do, and makes quite the statement. Need this look in your life? We have outlined each step for you below! ... Read More »

Gradient Pink Lips Tutorial

  Today the gradient makeup technique is one of the most popular beauty trends among the beauty bloggers all over the world. Now is the time to ace the gradient lip trend with this amazing makeup tutorial. For the flawless looking lips, choose pink and peachy colours as they always make your lips pop! Step 1: Before you begin to ... Read More »

Black Eyebrows Step-by-step Tutorial

  Everyone uses different brow filling methods – some choose nice pencils, while others prefer brow powders. You may even prefer a cream product or a brow-marker to achieve the desired look. We know that you love switching up and playing with products all of the time, so you brow routine may change often. Today we are sharing with you ... Read More »

The Trendy Top Braided Bun

Busy weeks full of cramming for finals, holiday parties, and making last-minute winter break plans can lead to snooze button abuse and no time for hair washing and blow drying. Skipping shampoo a few times a week leads to healthier strands, but it can also leave your hair looking a little flat or greasy after a day or two. Enter: ... Read More »

Cute Low Bun for Short Hair

  If you have short hair, then you have probably thought that there isn’t a single hairstyle which would suit your length. We have prepared this tutorial to prove your wrong! This cute and low bun for short hair will unquestionably look gorgeous for any upcoming event. Step 1: Gather the crown section of your hair and tie it off ... Read More »