An Easy Way to Apply Cat Eyeliner

    Applying eyeliner can be a bit tricky, especially if you are a beginner at applying makeup. Creating a straight line requires a bit of practice but sometimes it can’t be nicely done because you are not using the proper techniques and tricks. Look no further! This tutorial will show you an easy way to apply cat eyeliner in ... Read More »

Create Hair Twist with Your Scarf

  One of the hair trends that you should follow this season is the use of a lovely scarf to spice up your hairstyle. This ever-famous scarf twisted hairstyle will make your final look even more amazing for any upcoming event. You will find the steps very easy to follow, so let’s see what you need to do. Step 1: ... Read More »

Gradient Nail Polish Effect

    The gradient nail polish effect makes any manicure truly amazing – a darker colour on the top of the nail gradually blends into a lighter colour towards the tip. Achieving this lovely look may take some time and practice, but there’s always a room for originality to make your gradient effect unique. Artistic skills aren’t essential for this ... Read More »

20 Steps to At-home Layers

    Many of us probably have a horror story like this one: ‘You walk in the beauty salon, excited to get your new hairstyle look, sit in the chair and then a disaster happens. Your hair got too short and it has some weird pointy sideburns!’ A trip to the beauty salon can be both an expensive and awful ... Read More »

Natural Pink Lipstick Effect

  Summer is the perfect time to try the no-makeup makeup – this look is all about a fresh faced glow and letting your natural beauty shine through. This tutorial will show you how to recreate the natural makeup look with just a pop of pink colour on the lips! Scroll down and learn how to acquire the beautiful, natural ... Read More »

Colourful Nail Art Design

  With the holiday season in full swing, there is nothing more appropriate than creating colourful nail art design that will match your cheerful and happy mood! If today is one of these days when you are sitting alone at home and have absolutely nothing to do, then why don’t you try creating this festive nail art manicure? The steps ... Read More »

Lovely Scarf Head Wrap

    Many girls consider scarf hairstyles pretty simple – just throw it around your head and tie it in a bow. Well, sometimes it doesn’t work out so easily. This is why this tutorial will show you how to properly use your scarf to make a fabulous hairstyle in 10 easy steps. It will look good even if you ... Read More »

How to Enhance the Look of Your Eyebrows

    This tutorial will teach you how to shape and groom your eyebrows from the comfort of your own home in less than 10 minutes. All you need is tweezers, clean mascara brush, small scissors, brow powder and an angled makeup brush. Now it’s time to sculpt and define your eyebrows effortlessly by following the simple steps below. Step ... Read More »

The Perfect Eye Makeup for Clubbing

    Looking for the perfect eye makeup to rock on tonight? Consider your search over! This tutorial will show you how to achieve this amazing shimmer look in 6 simple steps. If you want to try applying glitter eyeshadow, know that it is not as hard as you think. Now follow the steps below, make your eyes sparkle and ... Read More »

Life-changing Tips and Tricks Every Girl Should Know

  Managing beauty routine is even more difficult when you have a really busy schedule. There isn’t enough time to squeeze in everything you want to do – makeup, hairstyle, manicure, outfit… If you are in such a hurry, there are some life-changing tricks you can try! Trick 1: How to create the perfect edge and wing for your eye ... Read More »