Adorable Ladybug Nail Art Manicure

  If you are looking for a unique manicure for the hot summer days, then you’ve come to the right place! This tutorial will give you step-by-step guidance on how to create an adorable ladybug nail art manicure – one of the nature’s cutest insect designs! You will need a file, base nail polish, top coat, stripping tape, regular duct ... Read More »

Elegant Eye Makeup Using False Eyelashes

    Elegant eyes don’t have to be boring! This amazing tutorial will show you how to properly use all neutral shades that deliver a dramatic flair that is just spectacular. You will need a couple of things before you get started, so make sure they are around you: makeup primer, dark and light brown eyeshadow, black eye pencil, several ... Read More »

How to do the Sexy, Messy Ponytail

  Who doesn’t love ponytails? They are the perfect hairstyle for special occasions as well as for everyday looks. Creating a sexy, messy hairstyle is an easy way to spice things up, especially when you have to run out of the house last minute. Follow the simple steps below and you will learn how to recreate this amazing ponytail hairstyle! ... Read More »

Unique Gradient Mermaid Manicure

  This unique gradient mermaid manicure is an easy way to make a fashion statement. You will need several nail polishes: sky blue nail polish, glittery green polish, Atlantic blue nail polish, a base coat, and a nice tick top coat. You’ll also need a few supplies: a makeup sponge and a net or mesh fabric. Step 1: Apply your ... Read More »

5 Different Ways to Use Vaseline

  One of the most iconic and secret formulas used for numerous beauty hacks is probably hidden in the back of your medicine cabinet – your Vaseline. It’s a miracle cream which can be used to fix virtually any beauty problem. How? Keep on reading and you will discover 5 different ways to incorporate this versatile item into your favourite ... Read More »

How to Fill in Your Brows like a Pro

    Many artists claim that perfect frame equals beautiful picture. Don’t be mistaken – this article has nothing to do with famous painters like Vincent van Gogh or Salvador Dali. This article is about another picture – the perfect frame that shapes your beautiful look – your eyebrows. It is absolutely true that something like poorly shaped eyebrows can ... Read More »

Easy Swirl Nail Art Design

  Prabal Gurung, the famous New York fashion designer, says that ‘Nails are the period at the end of the sentence. They complete the look.’ We couldn’t agree more with him. This is why this step-by-step tutorial will show you an easy way to create swirl nail art design in just a few minutes. If you are planning on going ... Read More »

DIY Twisted Chignon for Short Hair

  We all know how important hairstyles are in the summer. When the weather is too hot, the best hairstyle a girl can have is the one that does not get in her way and is removed from her neck so she does not feel extra warm. However, not every girl finds it easy to do an updo because they ... Read More »

How to Create ‘The Crowning Moment’ Hairstyle

  You don’t have to be an actual queen to feel like a beautiful princess. All you need to look absolutely breathtaking is a gorgeous hairstyle that will highlight your best features! And what is more suitable than an actual crown? This pictorial will show you how to create ‘The Crowning Moment’ hairstyle in just 9 easy steps. To prepare, ... Read More »