Lovely Criss-Cross Half-Up Hairstyle Tutorial

  Before you begin creating this amazing criss-cross half-up look, you need to prepare your hair first. Start by brushing your hair to remove any knots and tangles. Then, add volume to your hair. To achieve this, grab a section of your hair, hold it straight upward and place a comb in the roots. Apply firm brush strokes downward to ... Read More »

Aqua Rouge Lipstick Pictorial

  The aqua rouge lipstick trend is hotter than ever! Now you too can recreate this glamorous look at your own home. All you need for this tutorial is a prime lip liner, bright red lip pencil, dark red liner, intense red lipstick and ultra shiny gloss. You will find this tutorial extremely easy to follow, so let’s see what ... Read More »

Cute Braided Hairdo Tutorial

    Ponytails are so versatile. Perhaps a little braid, some texture, and playing around with positioning can make a world of difference. This braided ponytail bun is perfect and chic weekend hairstyle. Just follow the simple steps below and you’ll see how easy it is to recreate it! Step 1: Use a brush to slowly comb through the tangles ... Read More »

A Warm Autumn Everyday Eye Look

    Autumn is approaching and we’ve still got a few warm weeks to endure before we can start wearing our leather boots and winter scarves. Now is the time to take your fall eyeshadow collection kit out from your makeup bag and start layering all your favourite shadows, from warm shimmery whites, to cool purples. Step 1: Before you ... Read More »

Super Red Lips

    Like the little black dress, the red lips are timelessly classy and sexy. But before you begin, it’s very important to prepare and moisturise your lips. Dry lips and red lipstick do not mix, so make sure you prepare your lip area first. In order to remove any dead skin cells and have a smooth canvas to work ... Read More »

Cleopatra Style Makeup Tutorial

  Step 1: Take an angled makeup brush dipped in brow powder and make light strokes, in the directions of the hair growth, to fill in the brow gently. Angled brushes with stiffer, more densely packed bristles can be used to tackle even the thin tail-ends of your brow. Step 2: Next, apply glittery yellow shadow across your lid. Invest ... Read More »

Let’s Master the Perfect Eyeliner Look Together

    You are late for work and you don’t have enough time to do all the necessary makeup, starting from applying heavy foundation to using expensive eyeshadows? Then may we suggest applying eyeliner to enhance your final look? Check out this easy illustrated step-by-step tutorial on how to get the perfect eyeliner look, it’s so easy that can be ... Read More »

White Winter Eye Makeup Look

  Try this silvery white eye makeup – really pretty frosty look for the winter months and for the upcoming festive holidays! While the silver will give your makeup a hint of glamour, the white shadows will open up the eye area while making them more wide awake. Step 1: Prepare the delicate eye area by applying a small amount ... Read More »

Half-up 3 Boho Braids Hairstyle Tutorial

  If you are in a mood to experiment with hair and try a new hairstyle tutorial, then may we have your attention with this amazing half-up three boho braids look? Step 1: Create a simple three strand braid right above your ear on your right side. No braiding skills? No problem! To make a nice braid, simply divide your ... Read More »

Year of the Snake Makeup Tutorial

  If you are in a mood for playful and colourful eye makeup look, then try this ‘Year of the Snake’ tutorial. Grab you eyeshadow collection which is defined by a palette of vibrant shades and shimmering finishes, and let’s get started! Step 1: Use a soft makeup brush to apply metallic vanilla eyeshadow with a moderately frosted pearl finish. ... Read More »