How to Tame Wild Hair

Girls who have big and messy hairs often curse their destiny, but they secretly hugs their hairs and tell them that they love them very much, which is true. My sister has very long and thick hair and she always complains about fact that her hair bothers her all day and she can’t tame her. Well, I found a way ... Read More »

Plump Lips with Nude Design

The no-makeup makeup designs became a huge trend recently. If you like this trend, then you should definitely check out this tutorial, because it is all about the natural look of your lips. Not only that they will look natural, but they will look also plumper, because of the effect we are going to create. If you wonder how this ... Read More »

Trick for Pop out Eyes

I am really conscious about my eyes. They are small and have droopy lids, which mean that it is almost impossible to apply proper-looking makeup design on my eyes. Usually, I apply thin eyeliner and a coat of mascara. And most often, I go for the mascara only, because the eyeliner smudges into my overly-folded crease. So, you can imagine ... Read More »

Patch Trick for the Perfect Flick

Don’t spend the whole morning on trying to apply the perfect cat-eye liner. If it doesn’t work at the first time, it won’t work on the fifth either (if you do it in a roll). So, in order to save you all the troubles, you should make a trick that will help you get the right design of your lids. ... Read More »

Bold Lines for Your Cat-eye Look

You have to admit that you like the cat-eye look, but you can’t apply it every time you want. For instance, you applied the eyeliner on the first eye just perfectly – on fleek, as it is said, but the other eyes is a total mess. Don’t give up, you will get the right look eventually. You must keep trying ... Read More »

Three Steps for Perfect Eyebrows

Every makeup design requires three main details – the brows, the eyes and the lips. Today we will pay attention to the eyebrows. They are crucial part of the makeup and you must prepare them in order to create a complete makeup design of your face. I will show you which are the three perfect tools for shaping the eyebrows ... Read More »

The Difference Between the French and the Dutch Braid

There are two types of all-gathered hair braid – french braid and dutch braid. Or at least, these are the most famous braids of all. I will show you step-by-step tutorials for both of them and once you know the technique, you can choose the braid that you want to create. Let’s start with the French braid. Take a look ... Read More »

How to Hide Tired Look

Unfortunately, we are tired too often than we want to be. No matter your age, the times are very dynamic and it becomes more and more difficult to find enough time for rest and beauty treatments. If you are a teenage girl, or a working mom, I’m sure that your schedule is full of tasks and events and you find ... Read More »

Bold Look for Brave Girls

If you like the experiments with your look, then you will fall in love with this lip design too. There are girls who have an ordinary style, simple, but classic. And some other girls can change their hair color every week, or they can change style trend every month, simply because they like to experiment and to test their limits. ... Read More »

Three Different Looks – One Tool

Usually, I’m not a fan of the heating tools, because they can really damage my hair, because it is very thin and fragile, but there are certain hair designs that look the best when they are prepared with a heating tool. Let me show you three different designs, created with a curling iron. If you want to create some of ... Read More »