How to Elongate Your Eyebrows

    Let’s take a minute to talk eyebrows. Eyebrows help shape, define and give your face character. Yet, not everyone is blessed with gorgeous, bold and flawless eyebrows. Restoring botched brows can be a major pain in the arch. We all know this pain. If it’s the first time or you’re fed up of spending a fortune getting someone ... Read More »

Eyeshadow Makeup That Highlights Your Eyeliner

    When it comes to lid looks, we all have the same goal: brighter, bigger, more awake eyes. However, it is hard to find the balance when we want to combine it with our perfect eyeliner look. This is why this tutorial will show you the best eyeshadow makeup that highlights your eyeliner, leaving you feeling sexy and attractive. ... Read More »

How to Make the Easy Braided Bun

  There are a few short steps to the perfect braid bun, but they are all easy and a snap to carry out. That’s great news for you because the braid bun is trending right now and looks great on anyone. If you’ve never worn this hairstyle, you are going to love the way it looks on you! Step 1: ... Read More »

How to Contour Like a Pro

    The contour craze began when Kim Kardashian posted a picture on Twitter on how her personal make-up artist uses concealer, powders and liquid foundations to highlight and define her renowned facial features. Soon enough, all the Instagram accounts and Facebook beauty groups were filled with various tutorials on how to contour. The real trick lies in the technique ... Read More »

Inverted Ponytail Crown Hairstyle

  This is a next level ponytail trick that will pump up any casual or conservative. If you wish to know how to make the inverted ponytail crown hairstyle, keep on reading and you will discover our little secret! But before that, make sure you have enough clear rubber bands for the inverted ponytails. Step 1: Begin by dividing your ... Read More »

How to Make the Scarf Bun Hairstyle

    If you are looking for a beautiful hairstyle to rock this summer, here it is! This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to do one of the top hair looks which are so trendy this summer – the scarf bun. The best part of it is that you already have all the necessary supplies at home! So grab ... Read More »

Soft Eye Makeup to Compliment Your Eyeliner

    The secret to always looking your best is to know how to accent your best features. Starting from your eyes, you should follow the proper tricks and use the correct makeup tools to enhance the richness and complexity of your eye colour. This tutorial will explain how to apply soft makeup to your own advantage! You’ll definitely love ... Read More »

Top Things You Are Doing Wrong Without Even Realizing

  There are numerous things we do every day that just become part of our routine. We do them so often that we may not even consider that we may be doing them incorrectly. This is why we have prepared this article – to introduce you to the top things you are probably doing wrong without even realizing it. Now ... Read More »

Red Lip Contouring Tutorial

  Balance and beautify your lips with the new red lip contouring trick to address flat lips, thin lips, wide or narrow mouth, or uneven shape. Kiss thin, undefined lips goodbye with this step-by-step tutorial! It’s no secret that the makeup world is pretty obsessed with contouring. Step 1: It is very important to prepare and moisturise your lips. Dry ... Read More »

Gorgeous Bun Hairstyle for Beginners

  This gorgeous bun hairstyle is so trendy right now! It may look complicated but if you follow the steps one at a time, you will find it totally doable. That’s why this tutorial is designed in a way to suit both professionals and those who have no idea what are doing with their hair in front of the mirror. You will ... Read More »