The Ideal Top Knot Bun for a Night Out

  Could you imagine life without top knots? Think about what your day would look like if you couldn’t wake up and quickly twist your hair on top of your head. Somehow it always looks super effortless and adorable! But, there is always a night out with the girls where we want the ease of top knots with the effect ... Read More »

The Easy Braid Tucked Updo

  Many celebrities have proven the trend that the bun hairstyle can be just as perfect for a daytime look as it is for a glamorous red carpet event. Since updos are so trendy right now, you need to know some basic steps to get the perfect look for any occasion. Today’s post will show you an easy method to ... Read More »

Shine like a Star with this Glitter Makeup

  Once upon a time, you would need to sign up to a class in order to learn the latest makeup and beauty techniques. With the increasing popularity of makeup articles out there, this is no longer the case. If you wanted a big and grand makeup look for a big event, just like this glitter-popped beauty, you would need ... Read More »

The Age of Adaline Hairstyle Tutorial

  Blake Lively hair envy knows no bounds. We never get tired of her beach waves or pinning her braided red carpet looks, and this time a retro spin. As if Blake Lively weren’t blessed enough, Blake plays a woman frozen at the age of 29 for decades in her latest movie. In The Age of Adaline, she stars as ... Read More »

Holiday Glitter Smokey Eye

  One good thing about the cold weather is it means you won’t sweat off all your eye makeup. But instead of just doing the same boring old dark grey smoky eye again next time you get dressed up, you should definitely consider something a little more sparkling. Luckily, if you have brown eyes, making those brown eyes sparkle isn’t ... Read More »

Side Braided Low Ponytail Look

    In this age where casualness has been teeming in any kind of environment and event, dressing up has turn into an uncommon issue. We, girls, grab to every opportunity to do so. There is nothing wrong with that, to be honest. This is why we have decided to bring to you the side braided low ponytail look that ... Read More »

Easy Messy Updo

  You’re are going to love this incredibly easy, 2-minute bun! We all have those busy mornings when we need to quickly put together a semi-casual look for the day but something fancier for the night. For a mussy updo, you’d want a wavy or curly texture for it to appear great but you do not want to overdoit. If ... Read More »

Extravagant Gold Glitter Eye Makeup Tutorial

  Do you want to make your eyes sparkle? Wearing eye makeup that contains glitter is a great way to increase your glam factor. Applying it can be a bit intimidating if you don’t know where to start. Before applying any makeup or glitter on, apply primer first. Select a good glitter adhesive or primer. Most glitter primers are clearly ... Read More »

Easy DIY Crown Braid Tutorial

  The ever-famous braided crown hairstyle will make your whole look amazing for any upcoming event – whatever the occasion! You will find the steps very easy to follow, so let’s see what you need to do. Start with your hair down. Brush it nicely to remove any knots or tangles. Add a small amount of your favorite leave-in conditioner ... Read More »

The White Lip Pencil Trick

  Have you ever considered applying white pencil to make your lips fuller? If you are one of those girls with really thin lips, this step-by-step tutorial will help you make them really stand out just as much! Step 1: Before you begin, it’s very important to prepare and moisturise your lips. Dry lips and lipstick do not mix, so ... Read More »