Fancy & Elegant Nail Art

You know that almost every girl has fake nails. I’m not talking about the cheap plastic and ugly nails that you stick to your natural nails with instant glue, I’m talking about nail build ups like artificial nails and acrylic nails, which looks natural and beautiful. Even if you have your nails done at the salon, you can fall into ... Read More »

Fake a Rich Ponytail

There are girls who naturally have long and thick hair. And all the women that look exactly it are kind of jealous. There is no way anyone wouldn’t want to have that, rather than a thin ponytail. There is just something about the way it looks. And also a bigger ponytail gives you way more confidence. Girls who have thinner ... Read More »

Easy Ways to Take Care of Your Eyebrows

When we think of putting on makeup, or of beautifying ourselves, we rarely think of our eyebrows. We accept them as something that is “there” and has always the right shape, or look. However, if something is wrong with them it seems that everybody immediately looks at your eyebrows. So, if you want to have a perfect look, you must ... Read More »

Go For Voluminous Hair

The hair with volume is great hair. And we all want to have it. I personally love big hair and always search for new ways to achieve it, but without making it too big or afro. There is just something amazing about the way a woman feels, when there is a volume in her hair. Also the way she looks ... Read More »

Tricks For Fresh Look After a Long Flight

There are periods of the year when you happen to travel a lot. And sometimes you have to fly for many hours, but these long flights can ruin your best appearance. Your job is to know how to refresh your look after a long flight. Down below you will find several tips that will help you achieve a great looking skin ... Read More »

How To Use Your Concealer

Every girl must know how to use her concealer, because that’s one of the most important products among your makeup kit. That’s why I want to show you the basic tricks and rules. Let’s learn everything about the concealer: The concealer must be applied after you apply the foundation. If you apply it before you will make a few mistakes: ... Read More »

5 Eye Shadow Tricks Every Girl Should Know

There is a saying which says if you are a great makeup artist then you must be able to do a lot of different makeup tricks, especially ones that can make your eyes look in many different ways. Thus, one of the most important makeup tricks you must learn to do are about eye shadows and what you can do ... Read More »

Masks for Thin Hair

Thin hair is very hard to maintain and make look thicker. It gets greasy, very easily. And volume is something people with thin hair probably don’t have. To have a beautiful hair, although being thin, is hard, but not impossible. Those of you that recognize themselves as ladies with thin hair should know what it is important to only use ... Read More »

Tips For Applying Foundation

I am that kind of girl that never go out without foundation on my face. I know that it has a negative effect onto my skin, but I really like when the acne or some other spots on my face are covered up. But there are few things that every woman should know about appropriate applying foundation. First, of course, ... Read More »