Extraordinary Bun

There are days when your hair is so annoying and you dial the number of your hair stylist at least three times, but then you hang up because you realize how much you love your hair with all its flaws and all. I know it is hard to have long hair, especially during the warm seasons, but I will tell ... Read More »

The 10-minute Fancy Updo

Being fancy is something all women want from time to time. I know it because I feel like that. Sometimes the regular just doesn’t do the trick. We need to be a little bit more than what we usually are. And at times it is because we just need to attend a fancy event. Other times are just the way ... Read More »

Summer Look For Your Nails

 Today we will work on your nails. You will need a couple of feathers, a sponge and your favorite bright, pastel color. You can see that the colors in this tutorial are merging together very softly and gently. We will achieve this effect with the help of a sponge – we will apply the Ombre technique. And when it comes ... Read More »

Exotic Look With This Makeup

Bollywood is a big deal these days and Indie woman are one of the most beautiful women in the world. I want to show you how to create an exotic look with a few makeup tips. Take a look and start the adventure: They have bold, dark and thick hairs, which means that you have to flatter the hair with ... Read More »

Braid Lift & Secure

The special occasions need to apply special cares about your look. You can’t attend a formal cocktail dinner wearing your comfortable jeans and a cotton white T-shirt. You have to choose a proper outfit and then, you have to flatter this outfit with a proper hairstyle, makeup and accessories. Let’s start with an idea for a beautiful hairstyle, which is ... Read More »

Copy The Colors Of Your Eyes

 I don’t know how familiar you are with the program Photoshop, but there is a tool in there which takes the color of the object you like and then you can use the exact same color to draw or create something of yours. It is called the Eyedropper Tool. I want this tool to become real and I want to ... Read More »

It Is All About The Preparation

There are a lot of makeup tricks that can change the way you look. But these days the trends is a little bit different – change the things as long as they look natural. Show the best of you and hide the worst, don’t change the facial features with too strong contouring or eye makeup. Today I want to talk ... Read More »

Eyeliner Stencil

One of the nightmares for makeup beginners is the application of the cat-eye liner. Fortunately, there are a lot of tricks for the application of the cat-eye liner. Here are some of these tricks: Use a hard brush and liquid liner. Some people have extremely soft and elastic skin of the lids and the pencil-liner wouldn’t work for them. Also, ... Read More »

Grab Twist & Pin

I think that it’s highly important to take good care of our hairs. The haircut, the hairstyle too, play a huge role for your good looking face. If the hair is damaged because of the heat, which you use too often to stylize your hair, or the poor care you take of it, you will see that the volume will ... Read More »

The Cupid’s Bow Is Important

Today I want to show you how to apply a dark color on your lips. There are few steps that must be followed in order to achieve perfect results. Take a look at these steps and make sure that you have the needed things around you: Lip balm – not scented, not colored. Lip scrub. Concealer. Lip pencil. Lipstick. Setting ... Read More »