Why It Is So Important To Color Your Brows

First of all, look at the Before & After picture. Do you see why? If you are not convinced yet, keep reading! Your brows are framing your face, which means that they will either flatter your face, or make it look ugly, it all depends on you. You will say now that your brows are perfectly thick and the color ... Read More »

Party Look With This Gorgeous Makeup

We work hard, which must be followed by a lot of fun in order to lose the steam and the pressure that create stressful situations all week. And when Friday night is full of promises for a great time. So, call all your friends to come over and prepare your makeup together: Such a bold makeup design, must be prepared ... Read More »

Summer French Twist

  There are many reasons to love the summer, for instance: Your body is getting thinner and tighter. Your skin is getting darker and cleaner. Your hair is getting lighter. Your nails are getting longer and stronger, because of the iodine and salty ocean (or sea) water. Your mood is getting better, because you have less responsibilities and because of ... Read More »

Summer Pattern For Your Nails

  This nail art requires calm hands and precise skills, because you will have to draw straight lines. Take a look at the tutorial and if you like the final result, you can try to create the same design. Just follow the steps: Every fancy nail art (in fact, every nail art) requires a good nail shape and nail bed ... Read More »

Extraordinary Head Band Hairstyle

This headband is made all by your hair, you won’t need any fabric or flowers, but you will need a lot of elastic hair bands. Keep in mind that these hair bands will be visible, so, you can choose a color that will match  your outfit. This hairstyle is basically a headband at the bangs area, but it is made with small ... Read More »

What Your Lipstick Reveals About You

Most of the things we own reveal something about us, like our favorite colors, what kind of shoes we like, what kind of clothes we like and so on. One of the other things that can reveal something about our personality is our makeup, and especially our lipstick. You may think that only your favorite lipstick color can tell your ... Read More »

You Will Fall In Love With This Hairstyle

 The summer brings different trends and styles for your look. There is one hairstyle that is the perfect for a summer look and it will flatter you if your hair is long – meet the braided headband. This hairstyle is all about the texture of the hair, which means that you will have to pay more attention to the texture in order ... Read More »

Hair Accessories For Fancy Occasions

You have to power to make your hair look extremely sophisticated only with one single tool – the hair accessory. Some hairstyles are complex and sophisticated by themselves, they don’t need any accessories, but the simple and classy hairstyles can handle the hair accessories. Your main job is to match the accessory properly with your hairstyle, with the outfit and ... Read More »

Trendy Look For Your Nails

Why is this nail art trendy? Two reasons: the colors and the design. The Pantone palette of the trendiest colors for the 2015 year have been released long ago and it is full of pastel and foggy colors. Such colors are used for this nail art. The design. It is geometric, which is a trendy pattern for clothes, accessories and ... Read More »