Eyeliner Makeup Design

Today I want to show you an eyeliner makeup design, which will make your brown eyes pop out in a really great way. All you have to do is to pick up the right colors and apply them the right way. Simply follow the steps down below and you will find it extremely easy to apply makeup on your own. ... Read More »

10 Hacks For Having Gorgeous Lashes Every Time

Every girl wants to have beautiful, long and thick lashes. Let me show you how to achieve this dream with these 10 hacks. Start counting: Cut the faux lashes into pieces for a better and easier application. Not only that, but the whole effect will be nice and natural looking. So, cut the lashes into three pieces and apply them ... Read More »

How To Fake Longer & Thicker Lashes Without Faux Ones

The mascara is one of the most popular makeup products in the world. Some girls don’t have perfectly satisfying lashes – they are too short, too rare, too light or too ugly at all. I know several ways for getting my lashes thicker and longer: Faux lashes; Lashe extensions; And the powder method. The first method is well known and ... Read More »

Tool For Shaping Eyebrows

You all know that the shaped eyebrows are a must-do step for a finished facial makeup. But not all of you know that there is a new tool that helps us to define proper shape of the brows in order to match our faces perfectly. Well, if your brows are perfectly shaped, bold and dark naturally, then you can skip ... Read More »

Metallic Makeup For Fancy Events

When you need to look stunningly good, you have to rely on your makeup, because the makeup has unimaginable powers. If you are skillful enough, then you are capable of transforming your face and in fact, your whole appearance, only with the help of different makeup techniques, designs, products and tools. But I think that this opinion is wrong. We ... Read More »

Tutorial for Holiday Makeup Design

You should think of your makeup as a masterpiece. You should think of yourself as an artist. And when you have the right attitude and the right self-esteem, you will be able to create beautiful makeup designs every time. This Intro leads to the first step – the brows. Your eyebrows work as a frame of the face. And every ... Read More »

How To Apply Eyeliner Properly

I often talk about eyeliner because it is the most essential part of the makeup. If you skip the eyeliner your makeup will look incomplete, which is not recommended if you want to look flawless. There are several tips and rules which can guide you through the eyeliner application. Some methods of application are wrong and today’s theme will concentrate ... Read More »

How to Deal With an Oily Scalp

Different people have different types of hair and scalps. Some of us have a very dry scalp and that usually goes with dry to normal hair. Then others of us have normally hydrated scalp. Which is kind of the best thing ever! Although this type of scalp can come with any type of hair, this is not something to sweat ... Read More »

8 Steps Tutorial For Party Makeup

It is summer, and summer time suggests many opportunities for parties and great moments. My point is that you have to prepare your look for these great moments. For instance, if you want to attend a party, then you should think about so many stuff – the outfit, the hairstyle, the accessories and of course, the makeup. Down below you ... Read More »

Simple Trick For Flawless Pony

Very often the things that seem simple are the trickiest ones, because they require a lot of preparation. For instance, the simplest ponytail needs a few prep-steps in order to look flawless. First of all, you have to decide the style of the pony – if you want to use this hairstyle for a formal occasion, you have to put ... Read More »