How To Add a Fancy Touch To A Simple Makeup Design

The cat-eye liner is one of the classics among makeup designs. But today, I want to show you how to upgrade the regular cat-eye liner. You will need only a little bit of a golden touch. Take a look at the steps and follow them one by one if you want to achieve the same results: Always start with the ... Read More »

Simple Design Idea For Short Hair

You should learn how to make different hairstyles on your short hair, otherwise you will always regret the decision to cut the hair into a short bob. I know that every girl has a critical moment in her life when she was considering a short hair cut. Remember one advice from a girl who took the chances and cut her ... Read More »

5 Shampoo Mistakes You Make Without Knowing It

Shampooing is like a whole science people didn’t know about. In life we make quite so many mistakes. Many of them are connected to our health, body image and looks. But since we live in a world where there are millions of products and ways to do the things you want to do, we can not choose the right way ... Read More »

How To Flatter Gray Colored Eyes

Each color of eyes can be flattered with certain colors of makeup. We often talk about blue eyes, but today I want to discuss another color of eyes – the gray one. This color is cold one, like the blue, which means that you should flatter the gray eyes with cold undertones, for instance: purple, blue, gray, white, silver. These ... Read More »

4 Steps For Bigger Lips With On Trendy Effect

The ombre effect was a huge trend since last summer. Today I want to show you how to make an Ombre effect right on your lips with soft pink color. All you have to do is to follow these 4 easy steps. Take a look: 1. PREP STEP. This is the step, which is all about the preparing of the ... Read More »

What Is The Best Makeup For You Face Shape

There are hundreds of makeup looks that one could try. You can just look at the girl who is showing you how to do it, and she is gorgeous, but when you try it, there is something wrong with it. You do not look that good. Even if the products are the same and even if the makeup artist is ... Read More »

How To: Smoky Eyeliner

You can find many tutorials for eyeliners, but all of them will teach you how to make the liner sharp and precise. Today I want you to get a little bit messier than usual, there is no need for a straight line. Just see the tutorial and if you find this makeup design interesting and beautiful, you can simply follow ... Read More »

Embrace The Bright Colors as a Summer Makeup

We have a few more weeks to enjoy the lovely summer weather. Let’s celebrate it with brightly colored makeup. If you keep scrolling, you will find a great tutorial for bright colored liner, which will make even the smallest size of eyes appear bigger and brighter. So, you will need these colors and tools: Kohl pencils in these colors – ... Read More »

How To Use a Spoon For a Complete Eye Makeup

Not every girl was born as a natural artist with instincts for drawing symmetrical lines and designs. You will say that there is no need to have such skills, but when you enter the world of the Makeup, you will face many difficulties and problems if you can’t draw a proper eyeliner. But actually, those you will say that the ... Read More »

Easy Guide For Eyebrows Shaping

I’m sure you are familiar with this huge trend of shaping and coloring brows. Some girls do it only because it is trendy, but other girls are obligated to do it, because they have literally no brows, or at least almost no brows on their faces. Sometimes the tail of the brow is too pale, or completely gone. Sometimes the ... Read More »