Simple Trick For Flawless Pony

Very often the things that seem simple are the trickiest ones, because they require a lot of preparation. For instance, the simplest ponytail needs a few prep-steps in order to look flawless. First of all, you have to decide the style of the pony – if you want to use this hairstyle for a formal occasion, you have to put ... Read More »

Fancy Braid For Long Hair

The special occasions require special hairstyles. This task is easy when your hair is long, because the long hair is much easier to stylize than the short one. Down below you will find an extremely fancy hairstyle, which will take your breath away. But be careful and follow the steps strictly, because it is a complex tutorial and there are ... Read More »

How To: Simple French Braid

Sometimes the simplest things are the prettiest ones. And today I will show you one really simple hairstyle – the french braid. Take a look at the steps and see how to manage this beautiful braid: Let me start with a few tips first. The hair must be clean. But if it is freshly washed, you’d better apply a little ... Read More »

This Liner Tool Will Help You Get The Perfect Flick

The best way to enhance your beautiful eyes is to apply a flawless cat-eye liner. In theory it sounds easy, but when the brush is in your trembling hand and the lid is nervous and shaky, the whole task seems impossible. Fortunately, there are a lot of tricks, techniques and cheats which can help you get the most precise and ... Read More »

Classic Makeup Combination

Some makeup designs will never go out of style. The trends come and go, but the classics stay forever. Such a classic makeup is the red lipstick. But that’s not all, the red lipstick looks great when it is combined with black color on the eyes. The most famous combination between red lips and black eyes is the pin-up makeup ... Read More »

How To Apply Hair Extensions

Women are well-known with their lack of patience when it comes to beauty. For instance, many girls quit their fitness program only because they can’t see any difference after 1 week of hard work in the gym. Well, in this situation, you are harming yourself, because of your lack of patience. The results after working out in the gym will ... Read More »

Retro Hairstyle For a Fancy Look

I’m in love with the retro designs, because they make me look like I’m a fancy lady. Today I want to show you a retro hairstyle. I have to admit that this hairstyle will take you a little bit longer than usual, but it is all worth it. So, you will find the steps down below and they will guide ... Read More »

Makeup Tutorial With 6 Steps For Brown Eyes

Sometimes your brown eyes can limit your ideas for makeup designs, only because almost every type of makeup looks great on the brown eyes, which means that you have tried almost every single makeup design. But you should stop worrying about the creative crisis you have, because we are here to help with full sources and knowledge. I will try ... Read More »

6 Steps For Casual Beauty of Your Hair

When you are tired with the ordinary hairstyle, you have to start mixing your knowledge and skills in order to come up with a new hairstyle that will be as good as the classic ones. Today I want to show you how to be creative even when the occasion is not special, because we all need to feel beautiful in ... Read More »

4 Steps For Fancy Bouffant

Once in a while, every girl happens to visit a formal event, which means that every girl must learn how to create a fancy and elegant hairstyle. In fact, you must learn how to create a fancy and elegant whole look – hair, makeup, outfit, nails and accessories (I put the shoes into the accessories category). You will say now ... Read More »