Clever Trick For Voluminous Ponytail

As a beautiful girl, you should learn how to master different designs in order to increase the level of your skills. And the learning process requires a lot of practice until you reach the desired result. You should start with little things, like: The wing of the eyeliner; The french manicure; The volume of the ponytail. Today I want to ... Read More »

Easy Way To Flatter Blue Eyes

The makeup technique I’m about to show you down below is one of my favorite ways to pamper my light colored blue eyes. I’m sure you know the trick, but I will remind it to you again. Just choose colors that will match your eyes and your outfit. I prefer the warm bronze colors. Take a look at the steps: ... Read More »

Party Look With This Hairstyle

If you want to impress the whole club, you should make a hairstyle which will flatter your face, on which you should put gorgeous makeup design, but let’s start with the hairstyle first and then you will choose on your own a makeup design that will match the outfit and the hairstyle. Here we go: This hairstyle is pretty simple, ... Read More »

This Is Not Your Usual Product For Contouring

If you are a girl who likes to put makeup on her face, you should know a few things about contouring. But you should try to learn new things in order to master your makeup skills. Today I want to show you how to apply a contouring makeup with powder, not with foundation and concealer. It is hard to work ... Read More »

Celebrate Your Special Day With Beautiful Hairstyle

When the big day comes, you have to be prepared with ideas in your head. Every girl has an image in her head for the perfect wedding day. No matter how old you are and it really doesn’t matter what kind of love life you have right now, because you don’t need a particular man to dream about the perfect ... Read More »

Casual 2-Minute Contouring Technique

Recently, I’ve been witnessing something very strange in the social media like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, 9gag, etc. This strange thing is the fact that many boys are promoting the #NoMakeup pictures of girls simply because they are afraid of the difference between a girl’s face with and without makeup. Honestly, I think these boys are absolutely right to be ... Read More »

Multiple Designs With Only One Makeup Product

Maybe you are wondering which is this interesting product, but when you discover which one is it, you will be amazed by its simplicity – the black eye pencil. This tool can help you create 5 different (and gorgeous) looks without any trouble. This great quality of the black eyeliner can help you in so many emergency situations, but the ... Read More »

Fancy One-Side Ponytail

The summer is almost over, but we should get the best of these last days with some great looks. Today I will show you a great idea for an elegant hairstyle, which is perfect for a romantic chilly night with your crush. First, take a look at the final result and then follow the steps if you want to achieve ... Read More »

Full Eye-Makeup Tutorial

The following makeup design is not appropriate for a casual or office-day look, but it is perfect for a party design. Take a look at the steps, we will work section by section slowly, in order to get the things right. EYEBROWS My suggestion is to start this design with the eyebrows. You will have to shape them and color ... Read More »

How to Choose the Best Eyeshadow Color for Your Eyes

Applying makeup on your face is almost equal to being a good artist. In order to achieve the best result, you should know how to move the brush, where to stop and where to continue applying it. But if you are not good at drawing, this should not discourage you, because, as you know, one can become very good with ... Read More »