Hairstyle For Viking Look

There is a huge trend among hairstyles these days – the braided buns. Today I want to show you a braided bun that is inspired by the Northern culture, and more specifically – the Vikings. There is a specific design of their hairstyles – twists, ropes and braids, and also, lifted designs of buns and chignons. Down below you will ... Read More »

Morning Solution For Your Messy Hair

We all know how frustrating it is to wake up in the morning with a messy and funny hair. It will take you a lot of time to wash the hair and to blow-dry it with the hair dryer, especially when you are in a hurry. Instead of this long-time-requiring procedure, you can do something else – a chic chignon. ... Read More »

Fun Pubic Hair Styles

Women take good care of themselves. Some of us do it for attention of men (none in particular), other do it for their boyfriends or husbands and some do it for themselves. No matter why it is a huge part of our beauty routines. One of the most dreadful things is the bikini wax. Although not everyone choose to do ... Read More »

How To: Blow-Out Effect without Hair Dryer

  The blow-out effect is very desirable effect, because it make you look like a celebrity, or at least like a model in shampoo commercial. The blow-out effect of the hair has many benefits – softer and smoother shape of the hair texture, volume at the roots, sexier look and style at the same time. And when a woman looks ... Read More »

Step-By-Step Eye Makeup Tutorial

Down below you will find a great tutorial for eye makeup. Follow the steps and you will end up with amazing results: Let’s begin with the preparation of the lids. This is an important step, because it will guarantee a long lasting makeup. And this is essential for a gorgeous makeup design like this one, you don’t want it to ... Read More »

A Must-Known Trick For Putting Eyeliner On

Every little girl had watched her mama putting makeup on and every little girl had a dream to grow older, when she will be allowed to put makeup on her face. The makeup is a completely separate world. You either enter it at a certain age or never manage to learn how to do it on your own. I think ... Read More »

Elegant Hairstyle Just For You

Unfortunately, when you try to copy a hairstyle that you saw on your friend, not always look the same way as the design on your friend’s hairstyle. This happens because the shape, the type, the length and the texture of the hair is different from your friend’s hair. So, my tip is to copy the texture of the hair first ... Read More »

How To Do The Morning Blow Out In Less Than 5 Minutes

The procedure of doing your own blow out is tricky business, but when you learn the basic rules and the must-do steps, you will have no trouble at all, and which is most important – you will look great every single time. So, check out the steps and try to follow them strictly if you want to achieve flawless results. ... Read More »

Delicious Design For Your Nails

How to decorate colors with a summer design: Start by shaping the nails. The best shape for this nail decoration is the oval one, because the details are oval and they will look better on round shaped nail bed. When you finish the shaping step, you need to take care of the hands and the skin around the nails, mostly ... Read More »