Pull Through Hairstyle

Sometimes it is not an easy task to find the perfect hairstyle. If you normally love to change your hair, you have probably tried so many different hairstyles that it is already difficult for you to find one that will not only make your friends surprised, but also yourself. Well, if you have been having such problems, it is time ... Read More »

How To Upgrade Your Classic Eyeliner

I want you to prepare the lids with a primer. All you have to do is to clean your face with face tonic, moisturize it, apply the regular cover – foundation or BB cream, and prime the lids. The fact that you will apply ‘just a little bit’ of makeup on your eyes doesn’t eliminate the need of a primer. ... Read More »

The Best Method for Removing Split Ends

Women have strong connection to their hair. Ever since they were young girls, they watched movies, read books about princesses with long hairs and dreamed that one day they would have the same strong and long hair, like Rapunzel. Well, when they grow up, they still want to have strong and long hair even if they know that it could ... Read More »

Topsy-Turvy Ponytail

One of the most popular hairstyles in the world is the ponytail. And it is no hard work to figure out why – it is easy to do, basically a 5-year-old can do it; it is quick to do, you just put all your hair in an elastic band and you are done; and it has a nice cooling effect ... Read More »

How to Make Your Lips Look Fuller by Contouring

Lately, contouring ones face has become a major technique in the makeup industry. It adds lines and edges to this part of one’s face that it needs it to make it more attractive. And you can be sure that it works like magic. There are some women who can contour their faces in a way that you cannot believe it ... Read More »

What is the Perfect Hair Length for Your Face Shape?

You have probably noticed that some women look astonishing with short hair, while with others such a hairstyle is a disaster. But what is the reason for this? It seems to have no obvious one, but if you look deeper and analyze the situation, you will find that everything on earth has its reason. And the reason why one hairstyle ... Read More »

Quick Gorgeous Waves

Having a nice hairstyle requires a lot of time. That is, of course, if you have not tried this quick hairstyle that will look both natural and yet you will look different. This hairstyle will work best for girls with straight hair, because curly and wavy girls already have their curls. And you know what some people say, that people ... Read More »

Modern Classic Cat Eye Makeup

You may think that modern and classic are two words that not only should be put together in a sentence, because it sounds strange, but they also are somewhat incompatible when it comes to makeup. Well, if you think so, then you are wrong and this makeup tutorial will show you how you can have a classic cat eye makeup ... Read More »

Do Not Ever Do This to Your Eyebrows

Eyebrows are very important to the overall look of a person. They can even make you or break you. In the past big and bushy eyebrows were not considered feminine. In fact, they were just the opposite. And many women were receiving some serious comments on their brows by some “nice” people. Well, now there is a new rule – ... Read More »

Baby-Doll Messy Updo

Summer days are this great time of the year when you can wear all kinds of lifted hairstyle, because of two main reasons: There is no need of wearing winter hats to ruin your gorgeous hairstyle; And it is kind of necessary to lift up your hair, because of the heat. If the hair is released on your back, you ... Read More »