Braided Updo Hairstyle Tutorial

  Here is a very common scenario: you have been invited to an upcoming party but somehow you have been reminded an hour or two before the starting hour. This means that you have just a couple of hours to find the perfect outfit and get your makeup, hairstyle and nails done. Not to worry! If you are in such ... Read More »

Learn How to Create the Ultimate Eyeshadow

  We often spend hours mesmerised by our favourite Instagram makeup artists and wonder how they achieved that perfect looking eyeshadow look, impressing all of us with their impeccable make-up and flawless colour-coding. We must admit – it is too intimidating to achieve the same gorgeous final result as theirs. Not to worry anymore! This step-by-step tutorial will show you ... Read More »

How to Get Naturally Curly Hair

  Even though there are tons of hair tutorials out there on how to curl your hair, you still find it quite difficult to do it properly. That is because every hair stylist is sharing different advices and tips, making you all confused on which method works and which can turn out to be a complete disaster. This is why ... Read More »

How to Contour Your Lips

  Contouring your face has recently taken over the Internet, but lip contouring is another aspect of that magic makeup that will transform your final look entirely! If you want to achieve full and gorgeous looking lips, then you need to follow the simple steps below. Step 1: The secret to lip contouring is applying your favorite powder on your ... Read More »

Easy Ways to Eliminate Under-eye Circles

    Because the skin beneath your eyes is very thin, it sometimes shows the blood from the ruptured blood vessels a little bit more clearly than anywhere else on your body. Whatever the reason, we all know that there is nothing worse than waking up early in the morning, looking in the mirror and being greeted by those dark ... Read More »

Define the Look of Your Eyes with This Makeup Tutorial

  Adding makeup by yourself is a great way to spend your lazy Sunday afternoon having fun playing with different eyeshadows and trendy colours. From glamorous glittery looks to the famous smoky eye effect, the possibilities are endless. One way to give your brushes the attention they deserve is to use them correctly by applying shadows that will glorify the ... Read More »

Rolled Chignon Hairstyle Tutorial

    Many celebrities have proven the trend that the chignon hairstyle can be just as perfect for a daytime look as it is for a glamorous red carpet event. Now you don’t have to spend a fortune in the beauty salon to have this lovely hairstyle look. With the help of a few supplies you already have at home ... Read More »

Soft Makeup with False Eyelashes

  Got plans to reunite with your hot ex over late-night cocktails? Then you’ll definitely need to look absolutely breathtaking without, you know, overdoing it on purpose. Just follow the steps below and be the most beautiful girl in the club! Step 1: Instantly blur imperfections and even out your skin tone by applying foundation on your face, neck and ... Read More »

Lovely Criss-Cross Half-Up Hairstyle Tutorial

  Before you begin creating this amazing criss-cross half-up look, you need to prepare your hair first. Start by brushing your hair to remove any knots and tangles. Then, add volume to your hair. To achieve this, grab a section of your hair, hold it straight upward and place a comb in the roots. Apply firm brush strokes downward to ... Read More »

Aqua Rouge Lipstick Pictorial

  The aqua rouge lipstick trend is hotter than ever! Now you too can recreate this glamorous look at your own home. All you need for this tutorial is a prime lip liner, bright red lip pencil, dark red liner, intense red lipstick and ultra shiny gloss. You will find this tutorial extremely easy to follow, so let’s see what ... Read More »