The Top Knot – Tutorial for Lazy Girls

  This must be a love at first sight! The cute high bun is a beautiful way to style hair for any upcoming event in just a few minutes. In reality, there are certain steps that you need to follow to achieve the messy effect. In theory, the top knot is the easiest updo to pull off. While it is ... Read More »

The Braided Mohawk Hairstyle

    This is a hairstyle that works on not only long hair but medium length and shorter hair too. Now, we have outlined each step for this amazing and super cute braided Mohawk hairstyle. Let’s get started! You will need a comb, hair clips, bobby pins, rubber bands and a light-hold hairspray. Step 1: Use a clean comb, and ... Read More »

Beautiful Waves with a Cute Scarf

  This tutorial will show you how easy it is to make one of the loveliest and prettiest hairstyles ever. There is no hairstyle which looks more natural, carefree, and beautiful than the beach waves paired with a cute scarf! Add a little leave-in conditioner on your ends and lengths of your hair. You can also invest in a special ... Read More »

Cute Side Hairstyle in 8 Easy Steps

  In this age where casualness has been teeming in any kind of environment and event, dressing up has turn into an uncommon issue. We, girls, grab to every opportunity to do so. There is nothing wrong with that, to be honest. This is why we have decided to bring to you the side hairstyle tutorial! The end result looks ... Read More »

Rock the Orange Lipstick Look

    Lip colour is everything, especially when you’re running late to work and all you have time to do is swipe your favourite long-lasting lippie off your vanity to apply during your commute. But for those moments when you’re not in a major time crunch, like when you’re prepping for a special occasion, why not take your lip look ... Read More »

Sleek, Gorgeous Bun Tutorial

  Who doesn’t love the high sleek bun? It’s a look that is not too hard to achieve, but for some reason, it never quite looks the same at home as it does when it is done by a pro. Most of the tips are pretty obvious: you blow-dry your hair, run some dry oil through it, pull it up ... Read More »

Sparkling Turquoise Eye Makeup

  Holidays are the ideal time to experiment with different eye makeup looks until you discover that perfect effect will make your eyes pop. This tutorial will show you how to achieve the sparkling turquoise eye makeup look. Step 1: Before you begin, apply makeup primer with infallible mattifying base to lock the shine in and enhance the final makeup ... Read More »

The Pink Ombre Lips Tutorial

  The ombre lips – a perfect finish to your makeup that creates the illusion of voluminous lips which gives the impression that you’ve been sucking on a strawberry lollipop all day! Today this makeup technique is one of the most popular beauty trends among the fashionistas all over the world. Ombre lips have been worn by models throughout the ... Read More »

Soft Smoky Makeup Using Blue Hues

  A smoky eye is one of the most popular makeup looks, but it can also be the most daunting to create and the hardest to get right. Not all smoky eye creations need to be dark and intense – you can create a unique eye look using just a hint of blue shadow that adds dimension to your eyes. ... Read More »

How to Contour Your Face the Right Way

  When it comes to formal events, the initial thing that pops to our minds is that we need to have an elegant yet very interesting makeup look. Have you ever wondered how to do makeup so that it is flawless? To tell you the truth, there is nothing complex about that. All you need is the right products at ... Read More »