Homemade Wet Wipes

Every girl has several favorite beauty objects. And when I say beauty objects, I mean all types of objects – cleaning tools, makeup tools, smart tools, different products, etc. One of the must-have products is the package of wet wipes on your night stand. We use the wet wipes for almost everything and they are very convenient and practical. But ... Read More »

DIY Retro Girl Bathing Suit

Today’s theme is summer-like, because we will talk about swimsuits, or more specifically – how to make your personal design as a bathing suit. You will need an old, but favorite bra, a proper fabric with gorgeous pattern and some straps, and of course – your sewing skills. So, take a look at the steps and follow them one by ... Read More »

East DIY Decorations for Your Apartment

Nowadays people want to have different and unique possessions, and this also includes the place they live in. If they have a lot of money, they hire some of the best interior design professionals to make their place their dream home. However, sometimes money is not at all that necessary, because a person can decorate their room in such a ... Read More »

Stay Up to Date With The Coolest Memes

I’m sure that all of you have profiles in Instagram, 9gag, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media platforms that keep you up to date with the latest trends of interests that you have. Many of these social media platforms are full of memes, in fact, the whole Internet world is loaded with lots of memes. The memes are ... Read More »

Tricks For More Comfortable Shoes

I have this bad habit to buy shoes only because they are beautiful, not because they are practical and comfortable. That’s why I bought a pair of winter boots, which has perfectly flat soles. Can you imagine how slippery are they on snow or even on wet floors? If you can’t imagine it, my but can, because it is the ... Read More »

Fun Activities to Do during the Holidays

The Christmas holidays are already here and people are rushing up and down the streets in search for the right present for their family and friends or to arrange some of the preparations for the holiday dinner they are having. However, when the holiday comes and all the family gathers it seems like time passes too fast, and once the ... Read More »

DIY Christmas Gifts

The most wonderful time of the year has almost come and the Christmas spirit is everywhere, so it is about time to start our Christmas preparations. Many people find it hard to choose a present for their family and friends. You have to do it every year, which is a difficult task since you have to be creative every year ... Read More »

Tricks for Wrapping Christmas Presents

It is finally December! The time of the year when people become better and there is just some Christmas spirit in the air that makes you feel happy. However, even if you think at first that nothing could go wrong this month, you are lying to yourself. Eventually, it comes the time when you have to buy presents for your ... Read More »

The Most Girly Tattoos

Who says that the tattoos are rough and manly? There are a lot of feminine tattoos that can match even the most delicate and fragile girl. Well, if she is fragile she won’t be able to handle the pain, but you are following my point – I’m talking about the designs. First we will discuss the best places of your ... Read More »

DIY Easy Hacks to Fix Your Jeans

In every woman’s closet there is a pair of jeans that waits to be worn again. Usually these pairs are our “skinny jeans” which we bought when we were the slimmest we can remember, and we wait to lose some weight to wear them again. And sometimes there are jeans that fit us perfectly and we love them so much, ... Read More »