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ImproperMakeup Brushes Maintenance that Cause Acne

  There are some things women do daily without realizing that they may be not so innocent for their skin. Unfortunately, sometimes women do not realize that the things they consider insignificant can cause one of the most common skin problems people from all over the world deal with – acne. There are, for example, people who cannot cure their ... Read More »

How to Care for Your Hair in the Summer

  Summer is a season that a lot of people love but, unfortunately, it comes with its disadvantages as well. Summer sun may bring us nice suntan, but this is neither good to our skin, nor to our hair. Many women are aware that they need to protect their skin from the strong summer sun, but they forget that their ... Read More »

Fresh Eye Makeup Ideas for the Summer

  When it comes to makeup, there are no strict rules, but there surely are trends. Over the last few years, summer makeup trends are quite light and fresh. There are many women who are used to applying dark smoky eye makeup but summer is a season when colors are light and fresh. They often are similar to the colors ... Read More »

How to Dress Stylishly When You are on Vacation

Summer time is already here and a lot of people have already planned their vacations. And once the most important details about the organization are sorted out, you can move on to the more pleasant but still important part of the trip – the clothes you are going to wear there. There are a lot of girls who are facing ... Read More »

2017 Bold Beauty Summer Trends

  Every year and every season there are new trends both fashion and beauty ones. Some of them are praised and stay under the spotlights longer, while others are somewhat too shocking and unusual that people talk about them for a month or so and then they are well forgotten. This season is no exception to this rule and there ... Read More »

How to Get Flat Belly with Abs for a Fortnight

When the summer comes more and more people become concerned about their beach bodies. It is no secret that summer is the season when people show a lot of skin. And when one goes to the beach they would surely not like to feel self-conscious about their bodies. People think that it is hard work having a toned and fit ... Read More »