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How to Dress for Your Body Shape

For some women going shopping is one of the worst experiences ever. This is mostly because they cannot find anything that looks good on them or if they do, it takes them so much time and nerves that in the end they are not happy about their shopping. One of the reasons for this to happen is that these women ... Read More »

How to Recover From the End of a Long-term Relationship

When you have just ended a long-term relationship, everything seems so different, even if you know that this is the right thing to do. You are just so used to being with this person that everything seems wrong when you are not with them. Every little thing reminds you of them, you accidentally hear “your song” and you are about ... Read More »

10 Rules That Fit People Follow

They eat when they have to eat, not when their body claims certain desires. Fit people know their bodies well and they don’t pay attention to the cravings. They also plan their meals, which is a great opportunity to eat healthy, because you are easing your daily routine. If you choose a meal menu for the whole week at Sunday, ... Read More »

Why Your Pores Are So Big

Every woman has at least one skin issue that bothers her a lot, even Beyoncé has, believe me. But instead shutting down, you have to work on the problem. These days you can find a lot of solutions, techniques and products for almost any skin problem. Today I want to talk about large pores. It is not such a big ... Read More »

The Small Changes Really Do Matter

Today, ladies, we will talk about sufficiency, rather than frequency about your workouts. Sometimes you work out for weeks and the desired result still doesn’t come, it doesn’t even show a little bit, which will be enough to motivate you to keep going with the great fitness routine. There are two logical explanations for this: The one that I think ... Read More »

Here is Why You Should Work Out With Your Partner

Working out is majorly important. You know how you want to feel good and look good? There is no other way. Yes, genes can bless you, but that is not forever. Being healthy is important and you should always find a little bit of time to work out. Many people complain and say that once they got into a relationship ... Read More »

5 Ways to Drastically Improve Your Skin

The skin is very important for the outer appearance because, well because it covers our whole bodies. You may go to the gym if you want to tighten your booty, arms, or belly, and you could have (not necessarily, but people do it) a plastic surgeon, if you do not like some part of your body and you would like ... Read More »

The Most Common Mistakes People Make With Sunscreen

Everybody should know how important is applying sun cream on their bodies in the summer, especially when they go to the beach. Thus a lot of people are used to it, but in the end some of them are sunburnt. What do they do wrong so that in the end the consequences are disastrous? Here are the most common mistakes ... Read More »

Line Your Eyes According To Their Shape

When you apply makeup on your face, you always have to choose the proper design according to your facial features. Some designs will look good on your friend, but they won’t have the same results on you, because you are different. Let’s talk today about shapes of eyes and eyeliners. Let’s learn how to match the proper designs with the ... Read More »