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How To Get Your Eyelashes and Your Eyebrows Back

There are moments in our lives when we want to grow our lashes or our eyebrows faster. For example, you have accidentally plucked some hairs of your eyebrows and your overall appearance changes. Or you want to change the shape of your eyebrows completely, because you have realized that there was something not quite good with it, but you were ... Read More »

Why Do You Get Acne And How To Fight It

Many people think that the only people that have acne are teenagers, but this is not exactly true. Adults also have acne. Since acne is a condition that appears on the skin it is normal to think that a person with acne have some skin problems. In teenage years, when ones hormones go crazy, skin is the main body organ ... Read More »

Forget About the Acne with These 6 Foods

Acne is a skin problem, that a lot of people think only teenagers suffer from it, but this is not true. Nowadays there are more and more people over 25 that have this skin problem. They have just thought that once their teenage years are behind them, they won’t have to worry about this annoying problem, but they were wrong. ... Read More »

A Guide to Sneaking Out

Sneaking out is one of those things that can be called art in a way. Although probably it is not the best thing any teenager or kid can do, it is something we all have done or will. And not that I am encouraging or anything, but if you have never snack out, you have never really lived if you ... Read More »

Are You Destroying Your Lips?

Women have that one thing to them that is quite appealing and sexy. And with the right color and product, it is pleasant to look at even if you are another woman. If you didn’t already guess I am talking about the lips. And yes, guys can have quite the sexy lips too. There are many trends when talking about ... Read More »

What Do Your Moles Say

Moles are something that people taking in differently. For some they are a reason to worry. For others they are something very very sexy. The thing about moles is that they can occur in many different places and no one can predict where they will appear. Some of us have one or two, other have so many, that at some ... Read More »

Is It Time To Stop Eating Meat?

No one is saying that the whole world should be vegetarian. Not even vegan – I know this has been a trend. Deciding not to eat meat or animal products is actually everything but a trend. It is about your body and how it feels and what it must intake. Medically some people just can’t eat meat. Others though decide ... Read More »

The Things You Should Do Before 8 A.M.

Get at least 7 hours of sleep Sleeping is one of the most important things for our bodies. It is a process that allows our body and especially mind to get the rest they need. Although people don’t realize it sleeping is as important as eating and drinking water. If you don’t get good sleep you cause to yourself a ... Read More »

5 Things That Happens to Your Body When You Stop Drinking

You drop off weight After the winter has ended we all have a few extra pounds left. And we do whatever we can to melt them off. But unfortunately in some areas like the stomach, they just don’t go away. And that is something that makes most girls crazy. Once we stop having the occasional evening drinks we have multiple ... Read More »