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What Happens to Your Body When You Stop Smoking

Smoking is one of the worst things a person could do voluntarily to their body. There are so many commercials, warnings, movies, cartoons, everything you can think of, that shows people how bad smoking is for one’s health. And still people do it. And not only this, but they also spend money on cigarettes, which are probably so much that ... Read More »

Here is Why Massaging Your Feet Is So Important

One of the most popular ways of relaxation in the world is having a massage. It turns out to be that massaging one’s body is not only extremely relaxing, but it is also very healthy. The first thing that would come to your mind is that it is healthy, because it stimulates the blood flow. It warms up the human ... Read More »

What Does Your Forehead Size Say About Your Personality?

Every person on this planet is different, even though there are a lot of people that look alike. Some have similar face features, others have identical hands (remember how Joey found his hand twin in “Friends”), and others have the same forehead type. You would not find anything strange in having similar forehead type as a lot of people out ... Read More »

What do Your Eyebrows Say About You

As different eyes say different things about people so do their eyebrows. It is like without you knowing they talk. I know that the shape of the eyebrows can be changed with grooming and make up, but then you are the person who decides how should they look and this is why they kind of define you. I am sure ... Read More »

The Best Selfies Guide

Selfies… Who has not heard of them? Nowadays, even our grandparents know what selfies are, since a lot of their grandchildren like to take selfies with them and, of course, to post the pictures in the social media. Probably some people that live at the end of the world and that have no idea what new technologies are, do not ... Read More »

Take Care of The Skin on Your Hands

Some men say that the beauty of a woman is shown in her hands. And they are not talking about manicure trends be sure about that. But the hand of a woman is something that is usually noticed. It is in the way we drink coffee, the way we put lipstick on, the way we smoke (if we do) and ... Read More »

What Your Teeth Say About You

Recently there have been many tests that define what type of personality you have. And most of them actually quite well define the personalities. And I am saying that, because I like those things and I read them a lot. And then I easily recognize myself. Now we are once again talking about the personality you have. But it a ... Read More »

How to Stop That Pain While Being Waxed

Let’s all be honest now – waxing hurts. No matter how long you have been doing it or what part of the body is it done on – it hurts. All women go trough with it though. It is one of those inevitable things, that you can’t do anything about it. But do you know what, it turns out that ... Read More »

Boost Up Your Femininity

When we talk about femininity, the first things that may pop in one’s mind are the ones that are completely connected to women. In other words, the things that women have, but men do not. And what is that thing that women want big, while men stare with their mouths open, especially if they are big? Of course, we are ... Read More »

7 Things That Affect Your Weight and the Shape of Your Body

Food You probably are making a sigh notifying that you already knew that. I think in a way everyone does. But then, why don’t we keep in mind that, instead of always complaining? The thing about gaining weight, because of food is that people don’t really think about calories and then calorie burning. In an ideal case you will burn ... Read More »