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Your Eyelids Reveal Your Character

As there are a lot of bodily parts which reveal a thing or two about a person’s character, especially if we talk about face features. For example, you can reveal a person’s personality judging from the shape of their nose, or from the size of their lips. If that person has more protruding lips, then it would mean that there ... Read More »

How to Guess What is Wrong With Your Health

Many people live without knowing that they have food intolerance. It is much more common than food allergy. The most common symptoms of food intolerance are: nervousness, tremor; sweating; palpitations; rapid breathing; headache, migrane; diarrhoea; burning sensations on the skin; tightness across the face and chest; breathing problems – asthma-like symptoms; sometimes even allergy-like reactions. These symptoms might appear after ... Read More »

Find out The Right Way to Sit

There are a lot of people who do not know what the best sitting position is, especially if we talk about students. There are a lot of school students, who hunch over their desks while in class. The fact that they do not wear backpacks which to put on weight on their back and to keep it straight. Unfortunately, this ... Read More »

How to Make Your Feet White and Bright Overnight

There are a lot of people who forget to take care of their feet, especially in the winter. The reason for this is simple, people know that their feet will be hidden from the rest of the people, unlike in the summer, and they just neglect them. It often turns out, however, that in the winter our skin needs more ... Read More »

The Best Egg Homemade Recipes for Beautiful Skin and Hair

Any fans of eggs? No, I am not talking about eating them, I am talking about, applying them on your body! Except from being very delicious, and quite healthy and low-fat food, eggs have also been used as a beauty product for centuries. How many hair masks can you think of that include an egg yolk. Probably many, because it ... Read More »

Why It is Better To Eat Bananas Rather Than Drink Pills

Many people think that bananas contain a lot of calories, and that is why they avoid eating them. Think about all the diets that you have heard about. Do they contain a lot of bananas? Have not they specifically said you can eat any kinds of fruits, except from bananas? There are a lot of such diets. And this is ... Read More »

What Does Your Eye Color Reveal About Your Health

People say that our eyes are the door to our soul. You can find out if there is something with a person you are close to if you only look them in the eyes. And if this kind of “looking into one’s eyes” is a more figurative way of putting it that you can know if there is something wrong ... Read More »

How to Remove Unwanted Hair for Good

There are specific places on our bodies where hair grows, like our head, our legs, underarms, sometimes the arms, the belly, or even our faces. And if we want to keep certain parts of our bodies with hair, and if possible to be long, shiny, and strong, (like the hair on our heads), we certainly do not want to have ... Read More »

The Miracle Way You Can Get Rid of Acne in 3 Days

Acne is a problem a lot of people have. A person may think that only teenagers have acne, but this is not entirely true. In the puberty, the hormones go crazy which stimulates the production of more skin oil, which thus leads to the production of skin oil. But even when some of them pass the teenage period, they still ... Read More »