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How To Use Properly Pore Strips

Sometimes we buy some kinds of products that have all these properties and benefits against some beauty flaws, but eventually we are disappointed because they don’t work the same way as they do in the commercial where the girl is so happy and beautiful only because of these products. Have you ever experienced the following situation: Your nose is entirely ... Read More »

Top Natural Ways to Straighten Your Hair

It almost has become a tendency to a lot of women around the world to straighten their hair. And that includes not only those ones who have curly and wavy hair, but the rest, who have straight one. This is because women are obsessed with perfections, and even the slightest waves formed in the tips of their hair are a ... Read More »

Which is The Best Nail Shape For You

#1 Nail Shape: Round It is best for short nails, because it makes the nail bed appear thinner. It is appropriate for girls who doesn’t have the time nor the desire to spend time on maintaining nail shape. These girls are natural, feminine and gentle, they also like soft e and neutral nail polish colors. #2 Nail Shape: Square The ... Read More »

Whitening Teeth Treatment

We all love coffee, right? But we all want to have white teeth also. Is that correct? Well, if you drink coffee and don’t make whitening treatments, you won’t be able to enjoy bright and shiny smile. No matter how hard you brush your teeth, if you don’t use the right products, they will never get white and bright unless ... Read More »

The Perfect Skirt For Your Body Type

It is a well known fact that there are different shapes of bodies and not all of them will look good covered in any type of clothes. It is very wrong to think that any kind of dress model (just an example) will suit your body. This is not true and you must consider the types of the clothes according ... Read More »

The Best Hair Color for Your Eye Color

Many women get tired of their natural hair color. This is either because something happened in their lives and they want some change beginning with their hairstyle, or just because they are tired of their usual hairstyle and want to see how they will look with another hair color. However, sometimes we just do not know what hair color will ... Read More »

One Ingredient For Thick and Long Lashes

If you want to make your lashes grow big and thick, you should search for a natural way to do it. The perfect 100% natural product for hair growth is the Castor oil. It has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, which helps to increase the blood circulation to the scalp and this leads to hair growth. The same rule applies to ... Read More »

The Best Method to Remove Facial Hair

A lot of women are embraced because of their facial hair. It is true that women, as such gentle creatures, should not have any facial hair, except from eyebrows and eyelashes, but they have it. Yes, every woman in the world has facial hair on her chin, cheeks, upper lip area, and if you see a woman with a completely ... Read More »